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Re: Chewy's Powerlifting Log

Posted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:00 am
by chewybaws
Tue 1st May 2012

Went into the gym today for some mobility work. Warmed up, done various squats with an empty bar. Worked up on overhead squats to 35kg x5 (bar was way too far back at the top, needs practice). Then some snatch grip high pulls just with 60kg (deadlifting tomorrow) - more just to see if i could actually flatten out at the bottom. Got a few videos and definitely improved towards the end. Lots of doubles, last set;

Then some hamstring/groin stretches to finish up.

Re: Chewy's Powerlifting Log

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 1:30 pm
by chewybaws
Wed 2nd May 2012
Bodyweight = 84.5kg

Front squat (no belt)
5x5x80kg (paused all reps in last set)

Close grip bench

DB Bench
1x10x32.5kg DBs

Sumo deadlift (no belt)

Speed pulls (conventional)


All in all a good session. Finished deadlifts with only slight discomfort in groin after last 2 sets. It's maybe time to start a program with sumo's, they're feeling comfy.

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 1:53 pm
by veggiesasquatch
Nice OHP mate :)

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Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 2:41 pm
by chewybaws
veggiesasquatch wrote:Nice OHP mate :)
Cheers man. Came out of nowhere. Over the last 2 or 3 weeks I'd took 50kg for a single set of 5 and they felt like death. Felt quite easy for 5 sets.

Fri 4th May 2012
Bodyweight = 84.5kg

Squat (no belt)


Pendlay rows

Assisted GHRs

Weighted dips

Burned out from this point on;


Had a good workout, was just myself for a change. Glad I have a couple of days rest, beasted it this week. Yesterday I done some overhead squats and barbell complexes with an empty bar.

I think I'm gonna ditch close grip bench, I always feel shitty after it. It's funny, most people get shoulder pain from wide grip then switch to close grip - but close grip just feels way more awkward for me (i'm not going super close or anything). It's always when you try to complicate things and add to many variations and exercises that stuff like this happens.

It's nothing serious, just feeling a bit dodgy.

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Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 3:39 pm
by veggiesasquatch
OHP has fast become my favourite lift since getting on 5/3/1...mainly because I hadn't trained a proper strict barbell press before it. I used dumbbell for pressing. So my ohp is pretty wank really but I have made gains.I programmed it off a low 1rm of 50kg in the hope to build a proper base for it, along with boring but big. On my 5/3/1 week last cycle 50kg was my 1 rep set & I smashed out 7 with little trouble, keeping a fair few back as I'd come off a 12hr night shift & headed right to the gym with bbb as the assistance so was pleased.

Glad to see your back hitting it man.....keep after it

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Posted: Mon May 07, 2012 4:06 pm
by chewybaws
Good stuff veggie :)

Mon 7th May 2012
Bodyweight = 84.6kg
Club closed for bank holiday, workout in the house;

Squat (no belt)
1x1x140kg (equal old PB, and much much deeper)
1x1x150kg (beltless PB +10kg)

1x1x95kg (+5kg PB. old was 90x2, i was also 4-5kg heavier BW then)

150kg squat at 1:10
95kg bench at 4:55

Worked the full weekend at work, went out saturday night again. So very little sleep and a lot of time on my feet. I felt really shitty today, joints in my upper body were sore throughout. Had to pop on the wrist wraps for the first time in a while, wrists were killing during bench from the first warmup set. I honestly have no idea where that bench PB came from. I knew benching was going well recently, but not PB territory. Squats my old 140kg beltless is years old (haven't attempted beltless maxes since then), but it was most likely high. Squats today were undboutedly below parallel.

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Posted: Tue May 08, 2012 12:41 pm
by chewybaws
Tue 8th May 2012

Pendlay Rows

Went to the gym to see my workout partner through his workout, he got a squat PB at 117.5kg
Done some rows while I was in. Pretty solid but using my lower back too much. Pretty sure I'm starting a new cycle next week so will concentrate on keeping it motionless with lighter weight.

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Posted: Wed May 09, 2012 11:57 am
by chewybaws
Wed 9th May 2012
Bodyweight = 83.5kg

Sumo deadlift (no belt)

Speed pulls (conventional)

Re: Chewy's Powerlifting Log

Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 3:35 pm
by chewybaws
Fri 11th May 2012

Squats (no belt)
3x5x90kg (pause first and last rep)

Front Squats
1x5x70kg (pause first and last rep)
1x5x90kg (pause first and last rep)


BB curls

OHP (behind neck, wide grip)

Todays workout was a bit of a mess. For the last couple of weeks during bench when unracking the bar (whether myself or getting a handoff) my forearms/wrists have been very sore (monday I was going to do more benching at the end but unracked 70kg for a rep out set and it was too sore). Also on Monday my shoulders/arms been very uncomfortable with the bar on my back for squats.

Have a couple of theories of what it can be, i'm going with either fucking about with olympic lifts (I've injured myself in the past trying hang cleans) or close grip bench press (feels very uncomfortable). Just my whole arm/shoulder area feels like shit and strained. Should heal up as long as I take it easy.

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Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 3:59 pm
by Mini Forklift Ⓥ
I need to get back to doing some OHP's, has been a while. Nice work with all the videos, definately adds that extra dimension to a journal :)

Do you incorporate deficit deads from time to time mate? I have always found with myself and my clients that they are great for improving grip strength, power and further developing strength through the lumbar region. I don't have a platform at the main gym I lift at, but I improvise with the 20kg plates:


I usually just work up to a final set of 140-160 pulling from a couple of plates.

Re: Chewy's Powerlifting Log

Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 4:07 pm
by chewybaws
Mini Forklift Ⓥ wrote:Do you incorporate deficit deads from time to time mate?
I think I've done them once or twice before (long time ago). I've saw some of the lifters at our club do them as well. My deadlifts were always very fast off the floor so I never seen the need for them. Now, pulling sumo I've noticed I'm slow off the floor with a good lockout. I don't see deficit sumo pulls that often and I'm still trying to get used to the form so probably won't be bringing them in for a while, cheers for the suggestion though!

Re: Chewy's Powerlifting Log

Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 4:13 pm
by Mini Forklift Ⓥ
How have found the swap from conventional to sumo?

I tried switching a while back, but I just don't have that flexibility/power through the hips to make them work for me. Most I ever puled sumo was 160, versus 200 pulling conventional style.

All comes down to your individual biomechanics at the end of the day, I'm just not suited well for sumo although if I could make it work I would definately make the switch.

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Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 4:15 pm
by veggiesasquatch
Nice work man!! OHP is coming on nicely!!

I finally was fortunate enough to bump into the Scottish powerlifting chap today, whom I've heard a lot About. He's a fucking beast!!! Asked him to have a look at my deads & he pointed out a couple of small things, like coming a little narrower with my stance as an example.

Nice guy, wouldn't wanna take a Slap off of him ;)

Re: Chewy's Powerlifting Log

Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 4:19 pm
by Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Haha, did you get any pics of you with him?

Must be the haggis ?!

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Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 4:29 pm
by chewybaws
Mini Forklift Ⓥ wrote:How have found the swap from conventional to sumo?
It feels like a completely different lift for me. The reason I switched was for the life of me I could not pull conventional without rounding my back. I tried taking the weight down and building back up a couple of times but think it was just stuck in my brain. I never got injured, but it would only have been a matter of time.

To be honest I really don't like sumo. It's uncomfortable, setup's a pain in the arse, stupidly slow off the floor at higher weights. Although my lockout is faster, holding it at the top is uncomfortable. But at the same time I can keep my back straight at decent weights (but can't really compare poundages because I haven't had the belt on yet). My beltless 5RM can't be far behind my conventional. I've done 170x6 beltless sumo, and highest beltless conventional i think is somewhere between 175-180 x5.

I'm going to keep plodding away with it though. I have a bad feeling I won't get as much out of a belt on sumo.

veggiesasquatch wrote:Nice work man!! OHP is coming on nicely!!

I finally was fortunate enough to bump into the Scottish powerlifting chap today, whom I've heard a lot About.
Cheers, I don't know where my 5x5x50 came from, because 1x5x50 felt like shit tonight. But I was concentrating more on why my wrists were hurting so damn bad (I didn't setup great either).
Who is this scottish powerlifter you speak of, is it someone who lifts at your gym?