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Power & Energy in Remote Bangladesh!!!

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:40 am
by m.alberto1
Hi Everyone,

I'm got a humanitarian posting in remote Bangladesh for 2 years, and have found it challenging to keep my levels of power and energy high. I started working here in April 2009, and I plan to continue doing humanitarian assignments in many various developing countries. Therefore, my discoveries and progress in health regardless of the environment is crucial for my physical life. The main challenges here have been the lack of sporting facilities, the rainy season and the fact that rarely do locals themselves exercise on a consistent basis.

I'm going to have to go against all these odds, and battle it out to scult my body.

I'm a pescatarian (I hope that it's okay to post in the vegan forum, as I found that other forums could not relate to the dietary restrictions that I have). I'm 23.

I've had jogs along the beach once in a while. I tried to keep it consistent, though this current rainy season has hampered my abilities to exercise outdoors.

I also tried out the local gym, however I have to walk to it, and that can also be challenging considering the rainy season. Additionally, the local gym only really had ONE machine - which was the universal machine.

The food situation here is really challenging, as I have to cook my own food, and the food choices here are really very limited. Therefore, I am really keen to develop varieties in meals that I can eat. Meals that are also quick and easy to cook.

This first page will record my OUTCOME, PURPOSE and ACTION PLANS, as well as show my personal development in this area.


I am energetic because everyday I sleep at least 6 hours and drink at least 2 litres of water. I am lean and I have 8% body fat because everyday I exercise for at least 20 minutes and I eat 6 small nutritious meals. I am muscular and have a 49-inch chest, 18-inch biceps and 26-inch thighs because I weight-train 3 days per week.


My body is the temple of my soul. My body is powerful and energetic because it is a reflection of my soul. To be the leader in my field, I must look good and feel great. I must have confidence and have massive amounts of energy to fulfil my life purpose.



Biggest Loser -30 Day Shred


Oatmeal (170) + Soymilk (170)
Dal + Porota (25 combined)
5 Egg Whites (38) + 2 Banana (6)
Milk (28) + Corn Flakes (wholegrain?)
Baked Beans + Toast + Scrambled Eggs + Sliced Tomato
French Toast (with Egg+milk)


Baked Beans (90) + 2 Porota (12) / Bread (40)
Apple Cheese Melt Sandwich
Tomato and Mushroom Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Grilled Cheese with Pickles Sandwich
Cheese and Olive Sandwich
Carrot Hashbrowns
Gooey Banana Sandwich


200g Dried Fish (48) + Masala Noodles
Kidney Beans (90) + 1kg Boiled Potatoes (25)
Sardines (80) + ½ kg Green Beans (15)
Tuna (130) +Pasta


250g Almonds (137) + Fruit
Cheddar/Cottage/Ricotta Cheese (150-160) + Fruit
Peanut Butter [2 tbsp] + Fruit
Yogurt + Pumpkin Seed/Oat Biscuits (170)


1kg Oranges (100)
1kg Apples (140)

Re: Power & Energy in Remote Bangladesh!!!

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:46 am
by CollegeB
Just to warn you now. this is a vegan forum and your diet is nowhere near vegan. I doubt that any of us can comment in support of the way you are eating right now, but we can help you veganize. If you're not looking to go vegan then check out the forums or something along those lines.