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Re: CLARK X KENT 2010.. I need some help

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:49 pm
by VeganEssentials
Just curious about the program -

1. Why so much arm work? Unless you've either built up an extreme need to do that much or are juiced, there are very, very few people who would need to do 20 sets of biceps work and 15 sets of tricep work (particularly triceps the day after benching, when your they will already have been taxed quite a bit from the lockout portion of the bench).

2. That's a LOT of leg work to be doing. Truthfully, if you're squatting all-out and getting the most out of your sets, 8x8 alone should be enough to leave you unable to walk for the rest of the day. I couldn't see making 10 sets of leg presses first and doing extra work after squats with that kind of volume if I gave my squats everything I had in me.

With this kind of volume, you can't possibly go all-out with full intensity on every set to get the best results, but I can see it if you're using your lifting in place of cardio work (as I did for a while, doing 15-20 sets for large muscle groups and 5-10 for smaller ones). Perhaps you've always done these excessively long routines, I don't know for sure, but sometimes less is more, better to put in 100% for 5-10 sets per body part than 75% of your best for 20 sets.

For how much time I'm assuming that you're training on these days with this kind of massive volume, I can't even see a need for added cardio right away. I'd think that maybe just shaving a bit of time off your rest periods would do well enough (unless you already are having shorter rests of 2 minutes or less between sets). To me, this looks like a recipe for serious overtraining (particularly if you're going to add cardio in with it, and if you restrict calories, you're DEFINITELY going to lose muscle), and that you might get better results by simplifying and doing less work with more weight and greater intensity. I'd much more suggest something like this:

Tuesday - Chest and Triceps
Bench press (DB or BB) - 5x10
Choose any other assistance chest exercises, either done as 1 exercise for 5x8 or two others for 3x8 each
Triceps, 2 exercises of your choice, 3x8 each

Wednesday - Back and biceps
Choose 2 good compound back exercises (preferably, something like DB/BB rowing for one and pull-ups or pulldowns for the other), 5x10 for each
Shurgs - 5x10
Face Pulls on cable machine w/rope 3x10 (standing or seated, see demo)
Choose 2 biceps exercises, done for 3x8 each

Friday - Legs and shoulders
Squats - 8x8
Hamstring/glue assistance work, either glute/ham raises (if you have the proper equipement), otherwise 1-legged Romanian deadlifts or deep 1-legged leg presses off the heel instead, done for 3x8
Calf work for 3x8 if you desire
Barbell or dumbbell overhead press, standing or seated - 5x8
Rear delt flyes or similar movement, 3x8

And of course, the program is missing anything directly for lower back, so I'd also suggest incorporating some deadlifts or other lower back work in, but that's your choice.

This would simplify things, and given 100% intensity and focus, should be more than enough and would still allow for some cardio work if you wanted. Doing 30+ sets in a workout doesn't leave much left for any necessity for cardio since your sessions must be extremely long to get the volume of lifting completed, but a more moderate program like this would be fine to incorporate some. For ab work, maybe do some weighted sit-ups for 3x10 twice weekly whenever you like (done to where every set is very difficult to complete, hold weight behind the neck as needed to add resistance).

A program doesn't need to be too heavy on volume to be good for conditioning and fat loss - it's all about intensity, because if you can breeze through 20 sets of arm work, then your intensity is far from optimal and you'd be much better off to work harder for fewer sets.

Just some ideas from a different perspective - I'd always prefer to see people spend less time training for the same or better results than can be achieved on a marathon super-volume workout plan, which for most people is going to be too much!

Re: CLARK X KENT 2010.. I need some help

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:07 pm
by clark X kent
I REALLY apreciate the help. And you're right about the lower back part as well. I'm gonna throw that in as well.

The problem with my legs is that I was a skateboarder and a kung fu competitor a few years ago. That both required a lot of leg work.
It's really hard for me these days to get a "tired" feeling in my legs, which gets frustrating after a while. Last week I threw in 20 kg's more on each exercise and that worked better for me... I felt it the day afterwards, and it felt good as well.

The arms... well what can I say. I still have the feeling that I look really really "small".

Well I truely appreciate the help.

And starting on next monday I'm gonna try the workout that you suggested.

Thank you!

Re: CLARK X KENT 2010.. I need some help

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:32 pm
by clark X kent
Work out today was intense due to lack of time...

- scotts
- hammers
- concentration curls


- lat pully
- bent over rowing
- rowing machine...

I worked till 9 pm .. and went straight to the gym

Re: CLARK X KENT 2010.. I need some help

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:30 am
by xjohanx
Dude! I might actually go to groezrock again this year with the same friend. Please say you're going, it would be awesome to see you! =))


Re: CLARK X KENT 2010.. I need some help

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:44 pm
by clark X kent
hey dude,

sorry mate i didn't make it this year.

Just came out of some pretty "harsh" times/

You should hook up on msn or something! That would be awesome.

Well what's new:

Just got back into the whole thing. I have more time and seem to have healed pretty well...

I'm cutting right now and since a month I've lost 14 pounds.
It's really weird how you see you're body changing... really WEIRD! But I was too "fat" so I needed it. It's not fun, since I see myself shrinking, but I have to think posi and think that It will be MUSCLE that will be left in the end...

shedule for now:


benchpress 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 100 kg)
pullovers 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 45 kg)
cable crossovers 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 35 kg)
Flies 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 60 kg)

Triceps pushdown 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 50 kg)
Triceps rope pull down 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 30 kg)
Dips 5 x 10 (full bodyweight)
Triceps concentration extensions (max in the last set, one arm = 35 kg)
Abs set: 100 crunches


Lateral pully behind neck 4 X 10 (max in the last set= 80 kg)
Bent over row 5 X 8 (max in the last set= 45 kg)
Deadlifts 5 x 8 (max in the last set= 70 kg)
Lat pully to chest (max in the last set= 80 kg)

Scott curl 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 40 kg)
Biceps Curl 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 25 kg)
Biceps Machine 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 60 kg)
Concetration curls to failure ...
Abs set: 100 crunches
Hitt treadmill 15 minutes.

Squats 5 X 10 (max in the last set= 100 kg)
Calves raises 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 140 kg)
Leg press: 5 x 10 (max in the last set= 280 kg)
seated calves: 160 kg to failure
Abs : 100 crunches
Hiit 15 minutes treadmill

calorie intake is around 2700 now.

And I really really need some help to make my biceps grow... I can't seem to let 'em pop out.

Re: CLARK X KENT 2010.. I need some help

Posted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:36 am
by clark X kent
well yesterday I had a terrible pain in my shoulder. At 1 am it was unbearable, I went straight to the doctor and got three shots right in the place where it hurt.

It was deep inside the shoulder, near the joint.

Let me tell you that 12 cm long needles that disappear in your shoulder are NOT a cool sight :wink:
my gf almost fainted.

Apparently I had a inflammation of the cartilage.

And I'm gonna take it easy today...