Dora's (dfurlong) Log of Obstinance

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Dora's (dfurlong) Log of Obstinance

#1 Postby dfurlong » Tue May 25, 2010 4:49 pm

In an effort to figure out what works for me and what doesn't I'll start a training log here. I'm also hoping this will keep me motivated on the days where I just want to give in to the pain and be a lump and not move. I can remind myself how much better I feel, overall, after a workout.

I also want to note I am not allowed stretch due to the hypermobility so I warm up and cool down with easy motion.



1/2 Mile walk
Clamshell Illio-psoas & multifidi floor exercise 3x10

In an attempt not to overdo it for myself and without a partner I am focusing on utilizing the machines. All weight was kept to 50lbs, with the exception of the leg press, it's a horrible, imo, 45 degree angle weird machine so it takes some of the weight, that was set to 75. All motion was kept smooth and even.
Resting period was 45 seconds between all sets
3 x 10 Lower Back
3 x 10 deep abdominals
3 x 10 Smith squats, shoulder width foot placement
3 x 15 leg adduction
3 x 15 leg abduction

Cool Down

3 chest pull ups on side wall of pool
2 laps backstroke
4 laps breast stroke
2 laps side side stroke

Pre-workout meal
1/2 cup of watermelon
1/2 Banana
1/2 Vega Energy Bar
3 Dates immediately before entering the gym

Sipped slowly during workout

Vega Lemon Lime sports drink made with warm water

Post-Workout 15 minutes after workout
1/2 Serving of Vega Berry Whole Food Optimizer

I think swimming was a bad bad bad idea. It's an olympic size pool and not heated. My joints hurt like crazy shortly after I got into the cool water in spite of getting warm with the activity. While being in the water felt good, I might as well have been outside on a cold day for all the pain I experienced. My Left ankle hurt quite a bit as I swam. I couldn't have tried to swim at anything more than a slow pace if I wanted. I still have water in my ears that isn't coming out. I forgot the difficulty I had with that and all the ear infections I used to get when I was a swimmer in high school. I remember why my parents took me out of it now.

Afterward I was unable to eat anything for two hours.

Tomorrow's plan: 30 minutes of Kinesis training. Haven't done it before and I am slightly concerned about the 360 range of motion cable work.

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