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#1 Postby ICanDoThis » Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:56 pm

July 4, American Independence Day passed a couple of weeks ago. But I still have this thought in my head so time to clear it. I made a conscious decision to go vegan a few months ago. Up until then I was eating a mostly vegetarian diet. No red meat. It has a bad effect on my skin. Then during Lent I gave up all meat and dairy and followed the Lenten diet hardcore. When it was all over I felt so clean and full of energy I decided to continue.

It's that good feeling that keeps me vegan. The feeling of freedom! More energy and less fatigue = freedom. Now omnivores would argue that vegetarians and vegans are restricting their food choices. Well, no. We choose to have the freedom of good health. Free from artery clogging mcsandwiches, free from decomposing road kill in our bodies, free from hormone injected meat that makes men look like pregnant women, sometimes with bigger bellies and boobs. Yeah, that's real macho.

What else can I say? It's the personal feeling of energy, vitality, and good health that I like about being vegan. It's the feeling of freedom physically and psychologically.
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