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Re: VeganResistance's lifestyle diary.

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:38 am
by VeganResistance
Started hitting the weights with another couple of guys in their basement. First day was yesterday, and I can bench 42kg, 3 sets of 6. Hope to get that figure up higher, but I am happy with it for now :)

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Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:55 am
by vege
Hey, I am glad to se you are back!

Re: VeganResistance's lifestyle diary.

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:38 pm
by VeganResistance
Thanks, it's good to be back. I am so slack with posting. I need to do it more, but to be honest I haven't been tracking my runs or logging my workouts - I need to do so, for personal accountability.

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Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:05 am
by VeganResistance
Cycled to the park and back (at speed, with hills, of course) for circuit training:
pistol squats
60s, 45s, 30s, 15s


The following x3 sets each - reps until about 2 away from fail (I didn't note how many, and also my handstand pressups only go about halfway down at this point - I will get there!)

One armed pullups (assisted with second hand)
Ham/glut curls (using a bike innner tube as resistance band)
One handed pressups
Pistol squats
Handstand pressups
Calf raises

Bailed on the last set of handstand pressups and injured my right foot on the damn deck chair I didn't move out of the way... whoops.

Thursday (Today):
Carried a few heavy buckets (paint/concrete) around at work today and curled them everywhere I went, focusing on my left arm as it needs to catch up.
Once home I didn't do too much - sore foot!
Pressups (20,15,15,15), bodyweight squats (35,30,30,30) (alternating between the two with no breaks), a single set of pull-ups until failure and then a session of yoga.

Eating! Trying to keep up the intake of good food at increased volume.
6:45 - Breakfast - 2x Toast (organic wholegrain) with whole tahini; pear; raw macaroon (i was running late)
7:30 - Soy flat white (first coffee in a long time, what a buzz that was)
10:30 - Lunch: Indian 'Soy Nuggets' (TVP), potato curry with rice; orange juice (wished I didn't buy these - hate the days I don't pack lunch); pack of organic blue corn chips
13:00 - Snack - One Square Meal bar; raw macaroon
17:45 - Snack - 2x toast with tomato, spinach, tahini, sorrell; soy protein shake; raw fruit/nut ball, handful of almonds and brazil nuts
Have drunk ~2L of water thus far.

Off to make dinner! (tempeh, brown rice, homemade hummus, veges (raw and steamed))

Achievement this week - getting the pistol squat without assistance from any post for balance. Next week - A full handstand pressup?

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Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:12 am
by VeganResistance
I bought a set of resistance bands earlier in the week and am loving them! They really add more variation and convenience into my workouts.

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Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:33 pm
by VeganResistance
Booya! Been going strong with the bodyweight routines, resistance bands, and now rejoined the gym. No more shoulder pain! It only took almost a year....

So I've hit the gym twice this week so far, with home workouts in between, and am feeling damn good. I am up from last years levels which is great.

I've got the upper body pretty sussed, and am getting into the squats, but lower body and core I'm not too sure about. Can anyone recommend some good weights workouts for these?

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Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:54 am
by VeganResistance
January 31 2011 - 9pm - End of year note!

January 30
Hit the gym yesterday after 14 days of busy work followed by holidaying. Brought resistance bands on the holiday and kept up working out, although less intense and sitting in the car so much meant that by yesterday I was feeling blue and a little worn down.

Bench - 20kg w/up x25. 30kg 16-11-10
Bent-over Dumbell Row - 17.5kg 20-14-12
Barbell Curl - 20kg 15-12-13
Dips - 10-8-7
Squats (I am so new to squats that my technique was poor, didn't go low enough and hence managed a much bigger weight than I should be squatting) - 20-16-16
Shoulder press 9kg 12 7kg 15-12

I am so new to lifting weights that I am still sussing out some of my weights, technique etc. But I am getting there, which is cool.

Meal1 - Fresh fruit with nuts, seeds, tahini
Meal2 - small soy flat white and an oat slice
Meal3 - vegan salad bread roll
Meal4 - Post workout - Smoothie with Soy protein, tahini, banana, rice milk, cinnamon, agave. L-Glutamine Tablet, Bowl of whole grain couscous with tomato chickpea dish and greens direct from the garden
Meal5 - Pumpkin curry with brown rice

Januray 31 (today)

Meal1 - Fresh fruit with tahini, nuts, seeds, oats and rice milk with a slice of wholegrain toast spread with plum jam and tahini.
Meal2 - potato Pea Risolle, Salad, fresh carrot/beetroot/celery/barley grass juice, date and almond balls
Meal3 - really just a snack of a small amount of pumpkin curry leftovers and a chocolate nut ball.
Meal4 - 5 vegan sausages in bread with some salad, and a small slice of cake. (NYE BBQ!)
Meal5 - Yet to come!

Just notice I seem to gravitate naturally to 5 meals.

Todays workout was morning Kum Nye, one set of handstand pressups (still can't quite go a full motion rep). I am about to do some sets of pullups and pressups, and in about an hour a bit of a cycle.

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Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:00 am
by VeganResistance
A great start to the new year!

After yesterdays post I went to a New Years Party (after busting out 22 pushups before running out the door), came home at about 1am after a couple of drinks, did three sets of pull-ups (8-5-5) and ate a good snack.


Meal1 - Massive vegan benedict.
Meal2 - Curries - chickpea, and saag aloo
Meal3 - A huge helping of wholemeal pasta/brown lentil bake, some greens and a protein packed smoothie, plus an L-Glutamine tablet (this was post workout).
Meal5 - 5 grain toast with plum jam, pumpkin curry and brown rice (last of the leftovers!)
Snacks - a bunch of bananas, and plums from our tree plus a bunch of nuts and seeds. Also a small amount of chocolate and a soy hot chocolate.

Gym - Had a massive workout but my figures are away in my gym back and I need to sleep. Started deadlifts and made great improvement on my squatting technique. I was extremely proud of my progress.

MY WEIGHT! I had to weigh myself three times to believe it - 71.3kg - I have been trying to get over 70kg for AGES! I had made a plan to maintain 71kg by the end of Jan but am now bumping that upto 72kg.

Had a couple of great ocean swims today and overall had a very good day.

Peace out!

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Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 2:58 am
by VeganResistance
Wow the training journals are going off big time! Very cool to see so many people getting into it :)

2 January 2012

No gym today, instead I waterblasted and moved picnic tables around for 6 hours at work, then came home and struggled with three sets of close grip pull-ups (8-5-4). I still believe that pull-ups are one of the greatest all-body workouts for me, though they can be extremely challenging sometimes!

I snacked a lot today rather than having many meals.

Meal1: Bowl of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, tahini, oats, rice milk
Meal2: Steamed veges, two wholegrain tomato and avocado sandwiches, a small container of leftover pasta bake from last night, banana.
Meal3: Large plate of stir fry with heaps of veges, tofu, black beans with wholegrain couscous, garden greens and avocado
Snacks: Muesli Bar, 1L Chocolate Soy Milk, Toast, Some others I cannot remember right now.
Probably a smoothie later on.

Oh, and my legs are reminding me that we have discovered squats and deadlifts recently! I'm sure I'll adapt soon :) And on a bit of a down side, my lower back has been aching, I believe as a result of poor squat technique a few days ago.

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Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:47 am
by VeganResistance
3 January 2012

No workouts today, my body was telling me to hold off for another day - lower back aching still and my thighs, well my thighs are popping up with muscles I never knew existed! I did do one set of chinups and 5ish hours of waterblasting.

Meal1: Fruit, nuts, seeds, oats, soy milk
Meal2: Leftover vege/black bean/tofu fry-up with wholegrain couscous
Meal3: Banana soymilk smothie
Meal4: 3x vege sausages, 2x slices bread, small amount of salad
Meal5: Tomato sausage sauce with wholegrain spaghetti and avocado
Snacks: Fresh fruit, chocolate soy milk, toast.

4 January 2012

Hit the gym after 6 hours of waterblasting (I WILL NEVER LOOK AT A PICNIC TABLE THE SAME AGAIN OMG!)
Warm-up rows: .802km at setting 12
Bench: 20kg 20 (warmup) 30kg 15-9-10 (less than previous workouts but I worked all day..)
Shoulder press - 7kg dumbells - standing x12. Then decided sitting was better, 15-16
Squat - 35kg warmup x20 - Then lost the squat rack to someone else (so much for alternating sets)
Leg Press - Setting 8 - 18-16
BB Curl 25kg - 15-9-8 (THIS is a good achievement for me!)
Some random end of workout trap pulls, followed by 10 mins of yoga

Meal1: Fruit, nuts, seeds
Meal2: 2x bananas, 1xcarrot, small amount of leftover vege sausage sauce with wholemeal pasta.
Meal3: Falafel kebab wrap, 2x OSM bars
Meal4: Smoothie with hemp protein, 2x bananas, apple juice and tahini.
Meal5: About to make it ;) Mashed steamed kumara and potato with steamed veges and a fresh garden salad with chickpeas.
Snacks: Fruit, RAW bar.

Weight: 70.7kg

Sleep: Last night was about 7 hours.

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Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 5:01 am
by Nicholas_Weir
VeganResistance wrote:
MY WEIGHT! I had to weigh myself three times to believe it - 71.3kg - I have been trying to get over 70kg for AGES! I had made a plan to maintain 71kg by the end of Jan but am now bumping that upto 72kg.

Peace out!

I know how you feel, once I broke past the 70kg mark I was so happy!

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Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:47 am
by VeganResistance
5 January 2012

~ 7.5 hours sleep.

No workout today, just work which was at least enough to keep me quite active. After work I needed to do shopping and then do work for my gfs music which I manage and get the house sorted for my daughter staying tomorrow. The sun came out this afternoon!

Meal1: Fruit, Nuts, Seeds, tahini, Hemp Seed Powder - first and last time I pile hemp seed over my fruit. ICK!
Meal2: Leftover steamed spuds, kumara, chickpea salad, slice of wholegrain bread
Meal3: Leftover tofu, black bean, vege dish
Meal4: Mung Bean + kelp Salad, vege dumplings, tofu, seasonal veges. MASSIVE amount of food.
Large amount of time between 3+4 unfortunately. Snacked but not really enough.
Snacks: soy flat white, large soy with raw cacao, plums, bread, RAW bar.

It is 11:46pm and I hoped to get up at 4:30am to get to the gym pre work. Sigh.

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Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:00 am
by VeganResistance
6 January 2012

I DID IT! Up at 5am to hit the gym before work. It felt great..... and then I got to work to find that someone had changed this weeks hours to start an hour later. Gah. But I had a good sit down with a spirulina.

Sleep: 4.5 hours
Weight: 70.9kg

w/up rows: .786km @ setting 12
Bench: 20kgx25 40kg 8-8-6
Leg Press 20-20-20 Setting 9
BB Curl 20kgx15 25kg 9-8 (these were hard today!)
dips x8 ultra wide pullups x3

Obviously lack of sleep is not great.

Meal1: Tomato tahini sandwich in walnut wholemeal bread, soy + cacao with hemp protein
Meal2: Lentil pie, banana, organic carrrot
Meal3: chickpea curry, samosa, potato and bean curry
Meal 4: I am about to make this - one of Vege's recipes! :)
Yet to come: smoothie, fruit
Snacks: Fruit, toast

Re: VeganResistance's lifestyle diary.

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:38 am
by VeganResistance
7 January 2012

I have felt terrible all day today. Neighbours had a very loud party most of the night, and their back deck is metres from my bedroom window... Noise control were absolutely useless also.

SO, today I have done a few pullups and that is it thus far - I do plan to bust out a few sets of pushups and handstands a wee bit later though.

Eating has been good - massive breakfast of fruit, hemp, banana, soy smoothie and fried tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms of wholegrain toast. mmmmm
Lunch was wholemeal pasta with homemade vege sauce.
Dinner chickpea dish with brown rice.

Snacks were fruit and nuts mostly. Had a soy mocha around mid day which made me feel much worse for the rest of the day.

I look forward to a good sleep but can hear the neighbours starting up again :/

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Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:53 am
by VeganResistance
8 January 2012

My daughter is up for school holidays so getting to the gym will be hard over the next two weeks - back into bodyweight exercises.

Overslept last night - around 10 hours.

Had a big walk into the city, played on my daughters ripstick for a bit (those things are hard!), and had a good home workout:

~200 rope skips as warmup (until I hit my toes...)
Pullups: 5-5-5-5-4
Pressups (knuckles): 5-5-10-10-10
Seat dips: 10-10-10-10-10
One legged squats: 5-5-5

Meal1: Bowl of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds; smoothie with rice milk, soy milk, hemp protein (3Tbs), cinnamon, 1 sml banana.
Meal2: Pad Pak with white rice
Meal3: 2x toast with avocado and tomato; L-Glutamine tablet; smoothie with banana, coconut cream and hemp protein (post workout)
Meal4: Great salad, whole tempeh pattie, steamed potato and kumara, vege dumplings; soy ice cream with strawberries and dark chocolate.
Snacks: Oat slice, fruits, raisins, nuts,

Heh, half the 8 meals many people recommend. Hope I still manage to gain!