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Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:16 am
by jungleinthefrunk
Wishing you a speedy recovery, cant wait for more posts...

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:46 pm
by Nicholas_Weir
Yeah, I hope you recover really soon too Yeti!

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Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:11 pm
by Cellar Yeti
I'm kind of at a loss for what to do with my new routine. I know my old one was crowded with not enough rest. But I liked the 4x8. I want a bit more strength so I am going for a 5x5, I remember the 5x5 hurting my joints after a while so I am limiting myself to one or two 5x5s per day, and going to a 4 day split, under 60 min, 2-3 min rest, at 85%1RM for 5x5s. About 15-20 sets per body part. I am shying away from most isolations and sticking with my bread and butter lifts for now, especially while my eyes are still healing.

Here is my new routine.

Sunday: Chest/Triceps
Bench Press 5x5 85%1RM
Dumbbell Bench Press or Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 5x5
Weighted Triceps Dips 4x8
1x Tricep or Chest Isolation 4x10

Monday: HIIT

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Shoulders
Barbell Shoulder Press 5x5 85% 1RM
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4x8
Lateral Raise 4x10
Bent Over Flys 4x10

Thursday: Legs
Squat Variant 5x5 85% 1RM
Leg Press or Leg Curl 4x8
Stiff Leg Deadlift or Hamstring Work 4x8
Calf Raises 4x10

Friday: Back/Biceps
Deadlift 5x5 85% 1RM
Weighted Pullup or Chinup 5x5
1x Row Variant 4x8
Bicep Isolation 4x8

Sturday: Rest

How's that look?

Todays log.

10-3-11 Chest 5x5/4x8
Barbell Bench Press 205lbs (Accidental overload) x5x4 195lbs x3x2x1 (Screwed this up good, lol)
Dumbbell Bench Press 140lbs x5x5x5x5 -> Stay (I needed help getting into starting, I need to catch up)
Weighted Dips +40lbs x8x8x6x7 -> 45lbs
Isolation Skipped it, was feeling a bit wobbly.

My body needs a good break in week before I can say if that week helped or not.

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Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:58 am
by Cellar Yeti
I'll only be lifting 3x this week because I feel my eyes still needs to recovery, I've also only been doing 3 or 4 exercises per day, and I may keep it that way to keep reps per day around 20. Next week I will go onto my 4x split. I've been having fun playing with combo set/rep schemes, it feels good. Today was leg day.

Front Squats 160lbs x5x5x5x5 -> 170lbs
Machine Leg Presses 390lbs x8x8x8x8 -> 400lbs
Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts 140lbs x8x8x8x8 ->150lbs
Seated Calf Raises 200lbs x10x10x10x10 ->205lbs

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:18 pm
by Cellar Yeti
Here are my logs from the past few days. I am really enjoying my reduced workload and relaxed schedule. I'm also learning a lot about my body. My chest doesn't like to be hit with lots of sets, I focus only on two chest movements and one combo chest and tricep movement like dips or close grip bench. I also noticed a lot less mental leg by reducing deadlifts to 3 sets of 5, makes sense because they are extremely intense.

10-7-11 Back/Biceps
Weighted Pullups +25lbs x8x8x8x8 +50lbs Forced Negatives x5 ->30lbs
Deadlifts 215lbs x5x5x5
BB Rows 135lbs x5 140lbs x5x5x5x5 ->145lbs
DB Rows 190lbs x8x7ishx4x6 -> Stay (Finally got stuck on these, lol)
Supersetted Chinups x8x8x6x4 (Day after was the first time my biceps were every sore, screw curls)

10-9-11 Chest/Triceps
BB Bench Press 195lbs x5x5x5x5x4 -> 200lbs
DB Slight Incline Bench Press 120lbs x8 130lbs x8x8x8x6 ->140lbs (I have trouble getting the weight to starting position)
Weighted Dips +45lbs x7x8x8x7 -> 50lbs

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:49 pm
by VeganEssentials
Looking good with the log, Cellar Yeti!

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Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:38 pm
by Cellar Yeti
So after over a month of no weightlifting I am back at it. I wrecked my camper in Illinois after another attempt at van dwelling late October. Needless to say I am through, and now back in San Diego after being stranded there for a month. Looking for my own apartment. Today I returned to the gym and all went well. The accident gave me a new perspective on life and changed me. Though I have dropped size, surprisingly I came out of the gate really strong, REALLY strong.

I quit drinking coffee, and eating at non-vegan establishments. I'm also eating more raw foods, and cycling foods better.

My diet is pretty loose, but still follows the general structure I am fond of.

Few slices of sprouted bread with nut butter and tea and soymilk

Post workout:
Mix of pea/rice/hemp/soy protein, a few bananas, some flax seed and/or coconut oil/shreds

Half a cup or so of raw oat groats or buckwheat groats blended with berries, bananas, or apples

A cup or so of legumes or beans
A cup of brown rice or quinoa
A cup of steamed veggies
Maybe a bit of olive oil
Cup of soymilk

Mix of pea/rice/hemp/soy protein, a few bananas, some flax seed and/or coconut oil/shreds, creatine

My new routine will follow my old one, except I will be doing high rep one week, low rep the next. Basically for one week my back day might look like this at about 80% 1RM

Pullups 4x8
Deadlifts 5x3
2x Rows 5x5 and 4x8
Chinup Burnouts 3x5-8

And the next week may look like this with 70-75% of my 1 RM
Pullups 4x failure
Deadlifts 3x failure
1x Rows 4x failure
Chinups 4x failure

Today was a structured low rep day
Pullups +25lbs 4x8x8x8x8
Deadlifts 235lbs x5x5x5x5 (I got carried away, I was having fun)
DB Rows 2x80lbs x8x8x8x7
Smith Rows 135lbs x8x8x7x7
Chinup burnouts 3x-

As you can see, I have come back pretty strong. I am pleased.

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:47 pm
by Nicholas_Weir
Impressive DB rows Yeti, I can tell you have progressed quite a bit!

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:09 am
by Cellar Yeti
Thanks, I was working at 2x90lb, seem to have lost a bit off the top in my month hiatus. I see a lot of guys doing really weird one arm rows and using a lot of weight, no beuno.

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:13 pm
by Cellar Yeti
11-27-11 Chest/Triceps
DB Bench Press 140lbs x5x5 (Couldn't get it past the bottom) 130lbs x5x5x5
BB Bench Press 165lbs x5x5x5x5x5
Weighted Dips +60lbs x8x8x7x6

Sore, going to curl up in the fetal position. Also, we are celebrating Thanksgiving today. I've single handedly eaten my tester pumpkin pie. omnom.

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:50 pm
by Cellar Yeti
I kind of jacked up my wrist so I skipped shoulders to give it more time to heal and did legs instead. Felt strain around my ostomy on front squats, but it didn't feel dangerous. Also weighed in today, I've already rebounded up to 141lbs, nearly 3lbs gained back in 1 week. Win. Should be 145 in another week or so.

11-30-11 Legs
Front Squats 170lbs x5x5x5x5x5 -> 175lbs
Machine Leg Press 390lbs x8x8 400lbs x8x8x8 -> 410lbs These felt way too easy so I did an extra set till I entered jell-o mode.
DB Stiff Leg Deadlifts 150lbs x8x8x8x8 ->160lbs
Seated Calf Raises 205lbs x10x10x10x10-> Stay

Difficult to walk, going downtown today and gonna try and convince my sis to get to Lovin Hut for burgers. (:

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:41 pm
by Cellar Yeti
12-2-11 Back/Biceps
Weighted Pullups +30lbs x5x5x5 +35lbs x5x5 ->35lbs
Rack Deadlifts 250lbs x5x5x5x5x5 -> 260lbs Too easy, should have added more weight, but meh.
DB Rows 2x90lbs x5x5x5x5x5 -> 2x95lbs
EZ Bar Rows 145lbs x8x8x7x6 -> 150lbs
Super Setted With
Chinup Burnouts +15lbs x8x8x7x5 -> Stay

I was pretty burnt out by the end. Weight is up to 145 now.

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 8:02 pm
by Cellar Yeti
12-4-11 Chest/Triceps
BB Bench Press 190lbs x5 185lbs x5x4x3x2 +4 Negatives ->Stay 185lbs
Quasi Incline DB Bench Press 120lbs x5x4x2 110lbs x5x5x5 -> Stay 120lbs
Weighted Dips +60lbs x5x5x5 55lbs x5x3 ->+60lbs Stay

Sucks, I lost so much off my bench press, and chest in general. Blech. I need to brace my wrists. They're suffering under the load of bench presses and heavy dips. I think that might help with 5-10lbs.

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 2:18 pm
by Cellar Yeti
I bought a couple of these at CVS yesterday. ... _sbs_hpc_1

I think they will work quiet well to support my wrists. My right wrist is still kinda jacked up from heavy dipping.

Re: Yeti Log

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:53 pm
by Cellar Yeti
Well I am not dead. I have just taken a prolonged hiatus while I moved and sorted myself out. Since I do not drive anymore and I am so far from a gym, and am now forced to pay fr gym membership, I've decided to invest in my own iron and work on a truncated routine using only bodyweight+, dumbbells and eventually an easy bar.

Thus so far I have purchased 150lbs of olympic plates, Golds Gym Wal-Mart brand, cast iron is cast iron, I am not paying over 1 dollar per lb. I still need 2 more 5lb plates and 4 more 2.5lb plates plus 4 micro 1.25lb plates or some chain lengths. for a total of 175lbs of iron.

I also bought two Olympic dumbbell handles that weigh 13lbs ea. I also purchased a multi function no mar door jam chinup/pullup bar I can also use for body weight rows, I can also use it with my suspension straps as an improvised cable machine. I need some foam floor mats too so I don't damage the tile floors here.

My next purchase will be an EZ Olympic curling bar. No space or need for a long bar. And 25-50lbs more iron.

The iron is kind of rough around the edges from being cast, but I have a good file in my tool box I can grind all the rough edges down with.

My new routine looks like this:

Sunday: Chest/Triceps 2 Minutes Rest
Weighted Pushups 3x10
Dummbell Floor Presses 3x12
Dips 3x10
Flat Floor Flys 4x12
Triceps Kickbacks 4x12

Monday: Sprints: 30 Minutes: 30 Second Sprint 1 Min Walk

Tuesday: Shoulders 2 Min Rest
Weighted Body Weight Handstand Wall Pushups 3x0
Dummbell Shoulder Presses 3x12
Dummbell Upright Rows 3x10
Dummbell Side Raises 4x12
Dummbell Bent Over Flys 4x12
Dummbell Shrugs 4x12

Wednesday: Legs 3 Min Rest
Dummbell Lunges 3x10
Dummbell/Box Squats/Hack Squats/One Legged Squats 3x10
Stiff Legged Deadlifts 3x12
One Legged Calf Raises 4x15
Double Legged Calf Raises 4x15

Thursday: Sprints: 30 Minutes: 30 Second Sprint 1 Min Walk

Friday: Back/Biceps 2 Min Rest
Weighted Pullups 3x10
Weighted Body Weight Row 3x10
One Arm Rows 3x10
Dummbell Deadlifts 3x10
Chinups 3x10
Bicep Curls 4x12

Saturday: Sprints: 30 Minutes: 30 Second Sprint 1 Min Walk

For now I've just been sprinting, will get my iron next week.