Darcy's Road To Welterweight

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Re: Darcy's Road To Welterweight

#61 Postby darcy » Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:08 pm

Day 16 - Routine B
  • Warm up - 5 minutes walk to the gym.
  • Squats
    • Warm up sets: 2x5x45lbs, 1x5x70lbs, 1x3x105lbs, 1x2x140lbs
    • Working sets: 3x5x185lbs The plan was to stay at 180lbs because of some problems I had with that weight last week, but I was feeling strong so went for 185lbs and had no issues.
  • Overhead Press
    • Warm up sets: 2x5x45lbs, 1x5x60lbs, 1x3x75lbs, 1x2x90lbs
    • Working sets: 1x5x110lbs Managed the forst set at 110lbs, but struggles on the final rep (was more of a push press to be honest), so I dropped to 2x5x105lbs. I think it's time to deload this excercise and drop back to 85lbs for the working sets next week.
  • Deadlift
    • Warm up sets: 2x5x95lbs, 1x3x140lbs, 1x2x200lbs
    • Working sets: 1x5x240lbs
  • Pull-ups
    • 5 sets to failure at bodyweight: 4, 4, 4, 3, 3 - Felt so weak on the pullups today...

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Re: Darcy's Road To Welterweight

#62 Postby robert » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:26 am

How are things going?

Hope all is awesome! Have a great one!

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