jen's training log

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jen's training log

#1 Postby vectoranalysisgo » Sat Jul 15, 2006 1:33 am

with some encouragement I suppose I will start a log here. I just finally was able to get video of my form in hopes of some critique, which I posted on the veganfitness board.. so I guess as a first post I'll just throw this entire week in here.. copy and paste! maybe in a few months I'll look back at these videos and laugh..

-squats: 5x120, 5x155, 5x165, 5x165, 5x165
-stiff leg deadlift: 2x7x175lbs
-2x10 lunges with 25lb dumbbells in hand
-seated calf machine, 2x10 @ +230lbs
-abs, lower abs, obliques (seated machine @ 120lbs)
25 mins cardio

I also got video of myself squatting, at 125 lbs and 165 lbs. kind of depressing, really, to see my technique, finally. there are no mirrors in the gym so I've had a hard time really keeping track of myself and my form.
I always thought I was going lower than I am. oh well. have to back track and work on that. I also feel weaker than a month or so ago, since I've had so much time off from the gym. This is a decent wake up call to get my ass back in gear.
I also think my quads are a bit disproportionally stronger than the other muscles at play, so I've always felt much stronger/confident with a narrower stance and seem to be able to get down to parallel without much problem in that case; however, I've been working on using a wider stance, and in improving on a wider stance, I have felt like I have a much harder time just getting my ass down where it needs to be. For my height I have a longer torso and shorter legs and quads and it feels really difficult for me to get below parallel. Even when just standing without any weight, I have a hard time squatting ass to floor.. maybe this is an issue of flexibility as much as strength? Who knows.

I'm sorry the videos are kind of crappy, my cameraman wasn't 100% sure of what angle to shoot from and the gym is kind of cramped so it was hard for him to find somewhere to stand to get a good shot.. and also I am sorry I cannot figure out a way to get the video loaded vertically in youtube.. I rotated them on my own computer but they uploaded in their original form for some reason..

Anyway, if you can get past all that to actually watch the videos, I'd like to know what you think of my form and what I should work on.. maybe I will post these in the other forum to get more responses..

This is 5 reps at 125 lbs, which is what I am doing my first "warm up" set at these days, not a huge struggle but still takes some real effort.

This is 5 reps at 165 lbs, and I am definitely not getting low enough.. which sucks. I will probably take the weights down a notch for a while and work on getting below parallel. I also had no idea my knees wobbled that way.. I've never noticed.. they don't feel uneasy at all, but I'm not happy with the way they look in this video.

I like near the end when the narrator says "go down lower." Thanks, cameraman.

-bench press: 5x70, 5x80, 5x85, 5x85
-dumbbell bench press: 7x35(each)
-dumbbell shoulder press: 5x20, 5x25, 5x25, 5x25, 3x30
-assisted dips: 10x#7, 10x#6, 7x#5
-upright barbell row: 2x10x55
-overhead triceps extension: 2x10x25
-3x10 shrugs with 45lb. dumbbells
25 mins cardio

I have video of my bench press.. I don't feel quite as uncertain about my benching form but I'd be glad to take constructive critcism if there's something I could change to get better at it..

both videos are 5 reps at 85 lbs.. the first video is with a more narrow grip, and the second is a wider grip.. I'm still trying to figure out where I am most comfortable in terms of positioning. with the narrower grip I feel like I'm working the muscles more, but the wider grip decreases the range of motion and feels a little more stable, but also more awkward at the same time.. are there pros/cons to one over the other?

-deadlift: 5x135, 5x185, 5x205, 5x205,5x205
-lat pulldowns: 3x10x#7
-assisted pullups: 3x10x#9
-barbell rows: 3x10x45
-2x10 curls with 15lb dumbbells
-2x10 back hypers (+10lbs)
25 mins cardio

here are two videos of me deadlifting 5x205lbs. they're practically the same. I had to adjust my grip on the last rep of the second set because it was slipping.
when I do sets like this, should I be going all the way down, stopping completely, then coming back up after a brief pause? or more like I am doing here- which is going down until the bar definitely rests on the ground, then coming back up, no pause? does it matter? I never even considered the difference until I watched this and thought, gee, I'm not even pausing between reps..

comments welcome- am I bending my knees enough? sometimes I do more, sometimes less..

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