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Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:19 pm
by esqinchi
Thursday, February 6, 2014:

Leg Day

1. Front Squats - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs
2. Squat Jumps - 3 x 15

3. Angled Lunge - 3 x 12* @ 70lbs
4. Lunge Jumps - 3 x 15

5. Bulgarian Split Squat - 3 x 12 @ 50lbs
6. Single Leg Deadlift - 3 x 12 @ 35lbs

Great news! We closed on our house today! How did I celebrate? By coming directly home, and training legs haha! Felt like I had been lazy this week, so I got a quick bit of training in - nothing too dramatic, and only spent about 25 minutes doing this. Tried to make it quick, but intense. Anyway, I'm so relieved that the house thing is finished. Now we just have to move, in the dead of winter, and when it is guaranteed to snow on Saturday (moving is Monday). More snow training tomorrow, in anticipation for the move. Then I'll hit the gym Saturday morning. Dinner was beans, on a grain, with a vegetable. Feeling good!

Here's a pic of my hamstrings, in addition to those above... I don't think they are much, but he (she?) asked.

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:00 pm
by vegan_rossco
Put your legs away you tart hahaha :D
Awesome news with the house brother! And I like that you did some lunge jumps ;)

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:07 pm
by esqinchi
vegan_rossco wrote:Put your legs away you tart hahaha :D
Awesome news with the house brother! And I like that you did some lunge jumps ;)

Hahaha! Cheeky! Love me some lunge jumps - they are brutal! Thanks for the congrats man, it was quite a process; and one I don't hope to repeat anytime soon. Come for a visit!

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:47 pm
by EdensDemise
esqinchi wrote:
EdensDemise wrote:SHOW YOUR LEGS :D

Well since you asked like I'm a stripper...

I've only had those gnarly veins for a couple months now. Not sure how I feel about them... :lachmal:

great quadriceps you have!
about the veins as far as i know it depends a lot from the genetic, and from the lack of fat. so i guess you are lucky. plus.. ladies like it uh uh!

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:20 pm
by esqinchi
EdensDemise wrote:great quadriceps you have!
about the veins as far as i know it depends a lot from the genetic, and from the lack of fat. so i guess you are lucky. plus.. ladies like it uh uh!

Thanks man, I've been working legs pretty hard lately. Must be genetic, since my dad runs marathons. Though, I'll take low body fat as well!

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:30 pm
by esqinchi
Saturday, February 8, 2014:

Saturday Pump Day

1. DB Bench - 3 x 10 @ 140lbs
2. Single Arm Row - 3 x 12 @ 65lbs
3. DB Pullover - 3 x 12 @ 65lbs

4. Sumo Piledriver Squat - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs
5. Box Jumps - 3 x 12 @ 24"
6. Wide Leg Deadlift - 3 x 12 @ 90lbs

7. Assisted Three Way Pullup - 3 x 12 @ 15lbs assist
8. Decline Bench - 3 x 12 @ 135lbs
9. Farmer Carry - 3 x 200' @ 90lbs

Ahhhh so good to get into the gym for a big lift day. Has been a couple weeks since I've been able to do this, and it was thoroughly enjoyed. Wanted to hit the BB squats, but there was this dude doing 5 minute squats at the time; as in, one set, wait five minutes, do another, for six rounds. So anyway, I had to adapt. Came home and had a lunch of bulgur, with a can of beans on top. Left rotator cuff was bothering me today. Pretty sure it is from all of the shoulder press/raises I've been doing with the trainer. Need to give that shit a rest. Probably won't get back to training until Tuesday, what with the move coming on Monday. Hope you all have a good weekend! Celebratory beers, and a cheat meal tonight. I'll post a pic!

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:58 pm
by vegan_rossco
Hell yeah! Il come visit one day man :D
Waiting for the squat rack used to be the bane of my life dude.. Great training as always, you train legs a hell of a lot :D do you find plyometric stuff to be pretty effective? I never really use them, enjoy the beers and cheat meal bud! I'm trying to cut a bit of body fat so I,m super jealous of you right now..

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:59 pm
by esqinchi
Thanks man. Yeah the plyo stuff to me is essential. It really builds power, so I like to combine it immediately after a strength exercise. I do think it has helped my progress as I've noticed I'm really starting to lean out. The thing that's worked for me in cutting is just strict obedience to diet, of course. It really helps me stay on track to record what I'm eating, and weigh out my foods. If you want I'll send you my calorie counter spreadsheet. Just let me know your email. I'm jealous of you man and your beach access. It's been snowing here every other day for weeks now, and I'm starting to go mad.

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:45 pm
by esqinchi
Thursday, February 13, 2014

Full Body Day

Haven't posted all week, nor have I formally trained as we moved on Monday. I have been working my ass off though, moving boxes of books, and furniture about the new house. Also, we are currently without internet at the house, and today was my first day back at work. I'm typing this on my phone btw. Anyhow, I'm tired as fuck, and I think training today was a bad idea. Weight is down to 154, which means I'm not eating enough. Also been stressed as hell. Anyhow, here goes:

1. Renegade Pushups (pushup to rows) 2 x 15 @ 50lbs for the rows
2. Incline Diamond Pushups x 20
3. FlipFlop incline bench to seated row) 2 x 15 @ 70lbs
4. DB Bench x 20 @ 70lbs
5. Seated Row x 20 @ 70lbs
6. Bi' & Tri's (curls to tricep extension) 2 x 12 @ 50 lbs
7. Decline Crunch 2 x 20
8. Bicycle Abs 2 x 50
9. Reverse Crunch 2x20
10. Sumo Piledriver Squat 2x12 @ 70lbs
11. Side Lunge 2 x 12* @ 70lbs
12. Bulgarian Split Squat 2 x 12 @ 50lbs

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:09 pm
by esqinchi
Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Collaboration

1. 100 Pushups (Pushups 4 Ways, 25 each): Spartan, Offset, Incline Diamond, Spiderman(12)/Dive-Bomber
2. Close Grip Curls - 4 x 12 @ 50lbs (these also work the chest pretty well)

3. Delt Raise - 3 x 12 @ 50lbs
4. Bent Over Row - 3 x 12 @ 70lbs

5. Decline Situp-Press - 3 x 20 @ 25lbs
6. Incline Reverse Crunch w/ PulseUp - 3 x 12

7. Resistance Band Curls - 2 x 30 @ 15lbs Resistance
7.5. Resistance Band Log Toss - 1 x 20 @ 15lbs Resistance (basically a squat to a curl using the resistance band)
8. Resistance Band Front Raise - 3 x 12 @ 15lbs Resistance

So this doesn't look like much for a Saturday for me, but I also did about 90 minutes of cleaning of our old place we just moved from, which included running up and down two flights of stairs approximately 15 times. Slept horribly last night, as our dog is sick with allergies (from the construction dust left around here), and also had a seizure very early this morning. I was up with her from about 1am - 3am today, then slept until 8:30 or so. Glad to have the old apartment behind us, and to finally have internet at home.

Had a very strange encounter our first night here, dealing with our next door neighbor. Long story short, he approached us in the alleyway the night we moved in, and asked me for $10. Trying to be a good neighbor, I gave him $5, because that was all the cash we had on us at the time. Cut to about 20 minute later, our doorbell rings, and its our neighbor. I open the door, and he asks me if I "have an ATM card..." I was pretty sure he was going to try to rob us, and thankfully I had my hand on a huge knife hidden behind my back. Hopefully he thought I was holding a gun (which I will be soon). Anyhow, it was pretty off-putting, to say the least. Alarm system coming on Tuesday. Gun(s) coming a little later (Illinois, rather, Chicago, has some ridiculous gun laws). I've been having a hard time getting over the incident, which has negatively affected my impression of our new house, and the way I react to stress. I'm sure I'll get over it in time, but I was really hoping this neighborhood would be different. I'm thinking that we need a more significant move here after a few years; another city, another state - maybe Denver, CO.

Anyhow, I'll likely be back on schedule next week. I certainly am ready for some normalcy!

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:52 am
by vegan_rossco
Holy shit man, that sounds scary :/ hope everything's okay! Maybe you should move to England! Haha!

How did you like the spartan push-ups? ;) also, what on earth are Spider-man push-ups? They sound awesome haha

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:16 pm
by Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Shit, that is scary. Glad that you are okay ~ a move doesn't sound like a bad idea!

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:10 pm
by esqinchi
Tuesday, February 18, 2014:

Trainer Day

1. Squat Jumps on Step x 60 seconds
2. ChinUps x 10
3. PullUps x 10
4. Front Squats x 30 seconds
5. Pushup/Renegade Row x 30 seconds @ 50lbs
6. Plyo Pushups on Step x 60 seconds
7. Kettlebell Half-Swing x 60 seconds @ 35lbs
8. Kettlebell Deadlift x 30 seconds @ 70lbs
9. Kettlebell Full-Swing x 60 seconds @ 25lbs
10. Bulgarian Split Squat with Bicep Curl 2 x 10 @ 50lbs
11. Cross Curl x 6* + Cross Front Raise x 6* @ 50lbs
12. 10 DB Chest Fly + 10 DB Bench + 10 DB Pullover @ 50lbs
13. Resistance Band Curl x 30 seconds @ 20lbs Resistance
14. Alternating Lunges + Bicep Curl - 2 x 60 seconds @ 30lbs
15. Burpees x 60 seconds
16. Stability Ball Knee Driver + Plank x 60 seconds
17. Single Arm Row x 12* @ 35lbs
18. Stretching Exercises

Could have sworn we did at least one more legit exercise, but I guess not... Again, not really my favorite style of training, as it is all over the place muscle group-wise. I feel like even though I'm training hard, I'm hardly training each muscle group to its full potential; possibly therefore losing some momentum for gains. Hadn't trained with this dude in a couple weeks, so it kind of kicked my ass a bit. However, it was good to get back into the routine of 4x/week training, after being forced to take a few days off for the move.

Thanks, fellas, for the support. Alarm system was installed today, including cameras, which made me feel a bit better. I need to spend some time with the system to get to know its ins-and-outs, so that we can really maximize the benefit. Haven't seen that loser neighbor in a few days, which is a good thing to me. I did however meet some really nice, stand-up neighbors adjacent to us on the other side, and across the alleyway. Finally, I have some sense of community in this giant town of anonymous-ness. Hopefully we can at least cultivate a small friendship with these people, even though they are out of our age range, and likely have little in common with us other than geographic locale. Still, at worst, I feel like they keep a keen eye on the neighborhood, and are usually home as they are retired. That means less likely to have a problem with anyone around the way. Even if there is a problem, I'm ready - Walking Dead style...

HAHAHA! Yeah get em Rick! (That's me, killing our next door neighbor, should he break into our house.)

Made some ridiculously delicious pizza over the weekend; actually made pizza twice by request from the Mrs. Here's a pic... I used zucchini as pepperoni haha.

Core day tomorrow!

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:50 am
by vegan_rossco
Ooooooooo! Whack that pizza on the recipes thread dude!

You like walking dead? Fuck yeah!! :D

In my opinion with your training like this you won't necessarily lose any momentum but you might not be gaining at the highest rate available. That's not really a bad thing though, personally I find it very interesting to do full body training and it keeps me guessing :) not a fan of kettle bells though hahaha

Re: Get Ripped or Die Trying

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:37 am
by Payne
Correct me if I'm wrong, but a spiderman press up is where you assume a normal press up position and then bring one leg up by your side and do a press up in that position, then swap legs.

Well that's what I call a spiderman push up. I get people doing them at kickboxing in our warm ups sometimes walking across the floor!

Also, The Walking Dead is great. Been reading the comics for years and am enjoying how they're adapting them to the TV.

Your exercises are crazy and look pretty intense!! I never seem tohave the time or the energy to do something as lengthy and as full on as them!

Hope the whole move and neighbourhood thing is settling down now too.