My 2nd year: no excuses, just results

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Re: My 2nd year: no excuses, just results

#46 Postby Rigelol » Fri Oct 04, 2013 9:57 am

Friday Oct 04: Eat and Lift!
Suddenly i realized that it's october, and it's autumn!
The floor of my "gym" is getting covered by brown, orange, and yellow leafs :D.... And it's "romics" time: it's like a comic-con but much smaller xD!
I had in program to do a cosplay this year too, but since i went crazy (lol) everything derailed. Anyway this is a pick from the cosplay i did last year, still skin and bones, i were just at the start of my training (sweet memories :))!
(i know that the hut is from star wars but it fitted so well xD)
So as i said no cosplay this year, I wanted to do a gladiator from spartacus tv series, that's why i wanted to cut a little bit but everyting got fucked up xD. Next year on april this is the "cosplay-goal": ... rimary.jpg Time to have some serious bulk :shock: ! I just went to the Con yesterday and bought some stuff, tomorrow i'll go again and take a lot of pics :D.

Let's get serious again. Yesterday i wanted to have some shoulders but my lower back were aching from the leg day so i had chest again and today back (no deadlifts of course xD). In more short terms goals im aiming to get a decent score here, to get back in shape.... ... ID=1292421 . Online qualification wod the 28th of october, I have one month! I don't aim to qualification ofc xD!

Thursday 03: chest
  • Warm-up
  • Incline dumbell bench press: 3x12, 1x10, 1x8 (last set @24kg)
  • Weighted dip: 12@bw, 10@10kg, 10@15kg, 8@15kg, 2x5@20kg.
  • Floor press: 4 or 5 sets, didnt track
  • Decline flyes: Had 2 sets then moved on since we don't have a proper delined bench
  • Push-up: 4x20, very wide, with hands on 2 bricks so i could go down deep (to give more squeeze effect, like on flyes or crossovers).

Today: back
  • Warm-up: 10min rope jump. Stretches and lat activation. Total of: 2min v-hang/l-hang hold, 2min superman hold.
  • Wide pull-up: 4x6
  • Barrbell row: 20@empty, 15@30kg, 12@40kg, 10@40kg, 10@45kg, 8@45kg, 6@50kg.
  • Weighted pull-up: 8@5kg, 2x5@5kg, 4@10kg
  • T-bar row (gripping by a towel): 6xmax (last @10reps/45kg
  • One-arm dumbell row: 5x10@20kg
  • Pull-up variations: 6 sets in total
  • Dumbell alternating curl: 3xmax

From next week i will do crossfit about 2 or 3 times a week since i'll be five days a week morning to evening in university and the box is pretty closoe, go train in my gym in the morning when i can, and go to a real gym in the evening (since i can't try with dark in mine :(), I just made a really cool and flexible meal plan that will help me not going crazy and.... that's all, my last weekend of freedom :D!
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Re: My 2nd year: no excuses, just results

#47 Postby Rigelol » Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:35 pm

Saturday Oct 05: Eat and lift!
Woooo! Big surfing today! I love unexpected waves :D!
Want to ear something fun? While we were in the water (surfing actually xD) someone opened our car, stole our pants (i was with 2 friends), closed the car and put the key back where they were hidden :shock: . Damn sick people!! Can you picture 3 surfers going to the police station, with just underpants on the lower body, and you know after surfing... wet hairs, looking pretty messy and tired...
In the end they stole from me (in additions to the pants and the belt), my phone (a cheap one so i don't care) and my camera (with also lot of pics i took in the past days :evil: ) and..... home and car keys, so i had to call my mom to return home and my car now is parked close to my friend house wich is located on the other side of the city :shock: .
Waaaa! Who cares, I just want to sleep right now! I'm really tired and tomorrow is shoulders day, and ofc surfing didn't do good to my lower back pain xD!
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Re: My 2nd year: no excuses, just results

#48 Postby Rigelol » Sun Oct 13, 2013 4:17 pm

Sunday Oct 13: Eat and Lift!
Long time from the last log :( . Time to catch up: I don't know if I can go back for 8 days but will try to the overall situation :D!

With classes started again at full pace my schedule is quite full: Monday 2pm-6pm, Tuesday to Friday 9am-4/6pm. I managed to adapt my workout schedule like that:
-Saturday, Sunday, Monday: Morning training, usually back/chest/legs. -Tuesday, Wednesday: Gym before diner, shoulders, legs and/or lower back (aka deadlifts) -Thursday: Rest/free training day. Usually some running or some bodyweight training, maybe a kettlebell session at home. -Friday: got long lunch break 11am to 2pm so i have time to fo for some strenght training followed by a crossfit class.
It looks quite ok since Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are the days when i got more energies to spend, and resting on Thursday help me to tackle the last day of the week with some renewed strenght. Usually Saturday training is lighter, focusing on upper back and biceps, and anyway according to Friday training session so I can be ready to push my legs, shoulders and back on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.

Last days was something like:

Tuesday Wod:
    Amrap 18':
  • 10 alternate db statch each side
  • 10 box step with db
  • 10 db push press (5/side)
    6 rounds + 38 reps @35lb dumbell

Friday Wod:
    Amrap 12':
  • 10 handstand push-up
  • 15 wall-ball @12kg
  • 25 american swing @24kg

    Cash out:
  • 60 pull-ups

Saturday: Since my back was pretty sore i switched and had chest!
  • Flat bench press
  • Incline dumbell press
  • Weighted dips
  • Dumbell Flyes
  • Push ups

Today i had a monster back and biceps workout and a big cheat in post workout meal (What better time to do that :D?)... Since i've been cutting there was lot of food that was expiring: mainly a carton of chocolate soy milk, half jar of peanut butter and half of cashew butter plus an opened oatmeal pack (of a brand that i don't like so much so i wanted to end it fast... xD). Here:
And here it's what is remaning after 15 min from: 1lt of chocolate soy milk, about 400g of oat, peanut and cashew butter and tons of frut xD

Tomorrow for legs day i've something fun in my mind :) . Back squat, front squat, and overead squat all togheter!!! And maybe some decent log :oops: .
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Re: My 2nd year: no excuses, just results

#49 Postby C.O. » Sun Nov 03, 2013 10:34 pm

Your journal is so entertaining. Your comic con pic looks like you are from Game of Thrones. The dragon princess and her dead husband.

That surfing story is crazy, who steals pants out of people's cars?

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