Isuzi's Training Journal - slow to grow

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Isuzi's Training Journal - slow to grow

#1 Postby isuzi » Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:07 pm

Hey everyone : )

I've been wanting to start a training journal for a while, I'm not very fit and I guess you could say out of the various multiple intelligences we all have, awareness of my body and how it works and how to keep it healthy has unfortunately been pretty low for me. My intention is to learn as much about this as I can and become as healthy and strong as possible. I'm not really concerned with developing a bodybuilder body, but I do want to be fit and strong.

Here's my body: I'm 25 years old, ectomorph, about 1.78cm tall, I weigh 56kg, have a very high metabolism and find it very difficult to put on weight or build muscle.

My current training is quite light, but I do it with some intensity, so 3 times a week I do:

  • 5 minutes running to warm up
  • 3 sets of 15 pushups
  • 3 sets of 20 situps
  • 3 sets of 20 squats.

I feel pretty good after this, and in all honesty this is enough to tire me out. I'll be sure to build up the sets and reps over time.

I've been through the Strength for Life program with a friend, its a 3-month weight lifting program and you do about 50minutes of lifting every day, going through the whole body, and resting on Sunday. It was very demanding but very rewarding, and I learnt a ton about my body and what it can do. I improved my strength quite considerably throughout the program, but I went traveling just when it ended and didn't keep it up and I'm basically back at square one. I'm currently putting off engaging in the program again mainly because:

- I'm concerned that due to not balancing my protein/carb/fat/veg intake, I didn't get as good results as I should have. There's so much info on this that I often get confused, if someone could point me to a good simple guide for newbies I'd be super grateful.
- Related to the previous point, I sometimes feel that I'm depleting my body too much. I'm not sure if I'm eating right to recover.
-The program has HIIT running twice a week. I'm an ectomorph, I've heard some say that doing too much cardio will basically burn up any muscle gains I have. I love cycling but I hate running, my lungs start to burn very quickly. I can cycle for about 25km with some effort but not too much problem. The running was the hardest part of the program to me.

I'm quite stiff, and I've found that 20m of yoga morning and evening does a lot to improve my sense of well being and ability to think clearly, so I'm trying to do that everyday.

Anyway, I'm planning on doing that simple training plan up until feb 13th, and from then on I might tackle the strength for life program again and make use of it!
Thanks for anyone for any input they have. Even if I don't get many replies, I think I'll use this journal to keep my thoughts up to date and to keep track of my progress.


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Re: Isuzi's Training Journal - slow to grow

#2 Postby C.O. » Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:16 pm

Hi and welcome. Well the first part and often hardest is getting started, and you made it that far. I would check through the other peoples training journals for ideas, search key words in the search tool in the upper right hand corner. Maybe add some lunges, dips, and planks to your workout?

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