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Ravi's Journal

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 11:39 am
by Ravi
OK, time to start one of these!

Yesterday: did a static contraction workout with my friend Kris. Unforuntately, I forgot to write down the weights and times for each hold, but we went through the following exercises, performing just one rep where we hold each exercise at 2-3 inches below the point of maximum extension. The length of each hold varies (30-40 seconds usually), but in each case is held to failure (spotter is required for this!). Pretty short workout but very intense.

10 minutes bike cardio

Flat Bench
HS (Hammer Strength) Lat Pulldown
HS Incline Bench
HS Upright Row
HS Shoulder Press
Standing Preacher Curls
Skullcrusher (Tri Extensions)
Low Pulley for Abs

25 minutes bike cardio

2 x 25 pushups