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Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 6:07 pm
by pelicanAndrew
Good lift.

I used no belt on these deadlifts.

112.2kg- 2 sets of 5 regular, 1 set of 5 SUMO DEADS.

Sumos were a bitch and a half without the belt.

Back squats


Took it easy on those after a very intense deadlift session. My lower back hates me but only because it knows how sore it's going to be tommorow. :lol:


2x8@30 per hand
1x6@30 per hand

Iron cross

1 set for 20 seconds @ 20 lbs per hand
1 set for 14 seconds @ 20 lbs per hand

Do iron corss before curls next time and i'll be good to go. Tommorow is boring old cariod/abs day. I have to use the upstairs fitness center which is populated by girls who think they're fat but aren't. Pamphleting for vegan bodybuilding and fitness and the book "skinny bitch" ? I think so!!!!!! :D

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 6:29 pm
by pelicanAndrew
Damn, forgot my bodyweight session.

Basically i did some of the stuff off of bigbwiis Raw Fitness Camp site. Very fun stuff gonna have to do a day of this every week.

Alrighty good lift today even after doing push ups late last night.

Bench(reg grip, slightly closer than normal)


Shouldn't have done 6 in the first set. Rather well done.



Damn that felt good.

Side Rows

3x8@80(per side)

reallyyyy gooood.

Doin some ab work(planks and v-sits) right now. Better shower and eat soon.

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2006 8:46 pm
by pelicanAndrew
Crap workout today thanks to my schools shitty shitty foozball team(american football) that only won like 1 game the whole season. Apparently they get to use the weightroom all to themselves because they suck so much they need to try and get bigger even though all they do is bench when they should be doing deads and powercleans and keep the bench and squats to a minimum along with curls which they also do too fucking many of.

I hate jocks. (no offense to any "jocks" on here because you don't count in my hate list because you're vegan and therefore intelligent, next football player who asks me where i get my protein from is getting a plate of lentils crammed up his ass :lol: )


Deadlifts(no belt, no gloves, no wrist straps, just chalk)

2x5@122.2 KG
1x5@132.2 KG

Easy as pie.

Sqauts(no belt)

1x5 @ 275lbs

holy crap that was hard and i had shit ROM


hard as hell really good ROM

I've decided that on no belt days i'm going to start doing snatches and hang cleans and maybe power cleans as well and save the squats for another day. I figure squats twice a week, one bench/row day and one Deadlift/clean/snatch(aka get a sexy back) day will be a good idea.

Not to mention i have to get my squats up nice and sexy like before winter break. My bench set at home can't support more than 230 supposedly(although i've put more on for shrugs) and i'll be losing some leg strength over break unless i train with my girlfriends dad.

This was more of a rant than a log. Kinda mildly stressed but not too bad. Gotta somehow do 7 service hours in 3 days. I may be taking a cab to the animal shelter if i can't get a ride. :lol:

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2006 11:03 pm
by pelicanAndrew
No more stress!!! My professor is the best!!!(poetic i know)

Bench reg grip


Skullcrushers/close grip bench press split set

3x8@ ez-curl bar + 50(65 i think???)

Felt really good on the ol triceps.

Side rows


Last set was damn near impossibly but i did it and was really tired. No shrugs or seated rows thanks to some pretty hardcore deadlifts yesterday. That will be remedied by my new routine next week that puts a squat day in between deadlifts and rows/shrugs

Hammer curles

1x8@40(wayyy too heavy)

My workouts are hovering around 1 hour and i like it so far. Normally i would've done abs today but thanks to my no belt lift yesterday they're pretty sore. Abs will be done tommorow(bleh).

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 6:06 pm
by pelicanAndrew
New stress but I feel good after lifting.






High Pulls


wayyy too heavy

3x5@ 42.2kg

Felt good.

I had to rush my workout now. Damn Foozball team.



I notice my teime is running out so i go to shrugs.


Kinday sucked at the end but the high pulls felt really good. Wish i would've had time for rows.

Gonna put on some music and do ab work. Really hungry so i gotta make this quick.

30 second planks
minute planks

25 crunches after each planks.

Gonna go stuff my pretty lil face.