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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 7:22 pm
by SeaSiren
Crystal wrote::cry: Hope you are feeling better in the morning!

Thank-you Crystal! :)

You know the great thing about being so healthy is getting over stuff so fast. Didn't sleep too well, I felt a little icky getting up this morning but was fine by noon!

It was freaking cold on the deck tonight! Pain started in my hands by the second set and lost feeling by the after that I was fine.

Squats warm up 2 sets 12 reps, 2 working sets 8 reps
alternated sets with below 30 sec max rest
Lying Leg Curls warm up 2 sets 12 reps, 2 working sets 8 reps
alternated sets with below 30 sec max rest
Seated Calf Raises warm up 2 sets 12 reps, 2 working sets of 8 reps
Squats Drop Weight sets to almost failure
Lying Leg Curls Drop Weight sets to failure
Seated Calf Raises Drop weight sets to failure

Leg Extentions warm up 1 set 12 reps, 2 working sets 8 reps
alternated sets with below 30 sec max rest
Straight Leg Dead Lifts warm up 1 set 12 reps, 2 working sets 8 reps
alternated sets with below 30 sec max rest
Standing Calf Raises warm up 1 set 12 reps, 2 working sets 12 reps
Leg Extentions Drop Weight sets to failure
Straight Leg Dead Lifts Drop Weight sets to almost failure
Standing Calf Raises to failure

Not so tired afterword today. Dead lifts were rock solid, and I was able to add weight!


Food Today:
Meal 1 -banana protein shake w/oats, banana
Meal 2 -2 Amy's burgers, Spinach salad with alfalfa sprouts, celery and olive oil, water
Meal 3- vanilla protein shake w/fresh organic pinapple blended in
Meal 4-choc protein shake w/flax oil
Planned Meal 5 -(big surprise) tofu stir fry w/sweet red pepper and onion, water
Meal 6 (maybe)-choc protein pudding

Splitting my legs next week. I'm not getting enough out of only one session.

Should look like:
Sat -AM cardio, Afternoon Back, Bi's
Sun -Am cardio, Afternoon Chest, Shoulder's, Tri's
Mon -rest
Tues -Leg Day 1
Wed -cardio Abs
Thurs -Leg Day 2
Fri -rest

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 4:00 pm
by SeaSiren
Rainy outside today, so all I want to do is curl up on the sofa and sleep. Zzzzzz.

But settled for putting on a pot of coffee and keeping warm and working (keeps the lights on).

Meals (getting redundant again)
coffee (through the day)
Meal 1-Banana Protein Shake w/oats, banana
Meal 2 -2 Amy's Burgers, Spinach salad, w/celery, alfalfa sprouts, olive oil, water
Meal 3 -Vanilla Protein Shake w/the last of the organic pinapple blended in

30 min cardio -intervals on incline treadmill

Meal 4-Choc Protein Shake w/flax oil
Meal 5-Tofu Scramble
Meal 6-Choc Protein Pudding w/sprinkle of walnuts

Still hovering at 1200cal

Last weeks weight (about 2 weeks ago, 129) This weeks weight all week 131.

Trying to get BF measured so I can be sure I am working at optimim level (about 15-18% BF)

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 9:55 am
by SeaSiren
Rest Day -AKA I get a cheat meal day if I want one. Been craving fries all week, so that was lunch. Everything else was the same.

I made the decision last eve not to aim for April, I think that was way to optimistic. When I look in the mirror I don't see what other people do. Maybe people are so overweight and out of shape in comparison to them.... But, I'm not going against the average female. I'll be on stage with perfect female bodies. I think I am way far off where I need to be, and I'm not just talking about cutting weight. I'm looking for a late summer or fall comp now. That gives me some time to pack on more muscle, especially since my lifting sessions seem to be really on target now. Also gives me time, to hit a posing clinic so I won't look like I'm in some Saturday Night live skit trying to copy the other competitors with posing oil dripping off me and smeared all over my suit (since I will have no help).

Great cardio session this AM, hit a wall on only the second interval and pushed thru....after that I think I could have run all day! What a rush! 8)


30min interval training on incline treadmill
Meal 1-Banana protein shake w/oats banana

Today will be a feat in trying to fit everything in. I'm off to work, girls have a soccer game today, back home for weight training and then the girls have a dance to attend tonight. Since they are young, I get to chaparone. And on top of that I somehow ended up with a house full of 6 kids for the weekend from ages 9 (my youngest) to 16! I'm not sure whether to be flattered that I'm the responsible one, or offended, because they thought to ask me since I have no social life anyway! :shock: :lol:

Oh and at some point I need to run a mop and vacumn and polish the bathrooms, kitchen and appliances since I have an inspector coming to my house at 10AM on Sunday. I don't really NEED sleep....right? :lol:

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:54 pm
by SeaSiren
MEAL 2: tofu scramble

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down warm up 2 sets 12 reps, 2 working sets 8 reps
alternated sets with below 30 sec max rest
Hammer Curls warm up 2 sets 12 reps, 2 working sets of 8 reps
Wide Grip Lat Pull Down Drop Weight sets to failure
Hammer Curls Drop Weight sets to NO failure

Seated Cable Rows warm up 1 set 12 reps, 2 working sets 8 reps
alternated sets with below 30 sec max rest
Lying Cable Curls - 1 -warm up set of 12 reps, 2 working sets of 6
Seated Cable Rows Drop Weight Sets to failure
Lying Cable Curls Drop Weight sets to failure


Meal 3-Choc Protein w/flax oil

Got workout in now off to chaperone dance.

Meal 4 -(taking with me) Vanilla Protein Shake, banana
Meal 5-choc protein pudding

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:40 pm
by SeaSiren
pinched nerve? is back around my shoulder blade. Made working out a bit difficult even on my run. So I opted for legs today, hoping it'll work itself out before my next upper body workout.

cardio, 20 min intense interval training -really went all out like I should be doing every time. Felt really good (except the pinched nerve).

Meal 1- Banana Protein shake w/oats, banana
Weekly UV

Each rep was Very controlled, 1 count up, two count down, concentrating on the muscle and form. 60sec rest inbetween each set except last 2 (6-12)
Leg Extensions 12x35, 10x50, 8x60, 6x75, 12x50
Barbell Squats -12x40
Lying Leg Curls 12x25, 10x30, 8x35, 5-1/2x37.5 -failure on last rep, 12xonly 25 (tried to go 30, but way to much pain, couldn't budge it)
Straight Leg Deads -12x50
Seated Calf Raises-12x15, 10x20, 8x25, 6x20, 12x20 (need to add weight next time, felt like I could of done more)
Standing Calf Raises -12clutching 25 plate
Decline Crunches -12x5, 10x15, 8x20, 6x25, 12x15 (need to add more weight next time)
Hanging Knee Raises 12


Totally exhausted after, not sure if it was the training this week, the stress of this week, or working outside in the cold and coming into a warm house....or the combination of everything.

Meal 2-Vanilla Protein Shake w/flax oil

Meal 3-Lite Life Santa Fe "Chicken", baby spinach, water
Meal 4-Black Bean Chili w/Ground protein, onions, corn & green pepper, water
Meal 5-choc protein pudding w/sprinkle of walnuts

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 4:06 pm
by SeaSiren
Today is a rest day thank goodness, since I have had a migraine all day. You know the can't stand light please keep the room from spinning, pounding headache. Haven't suffered from them for years and now they are coming more frequently.

So the good news is I didn't miss a workout, since it's my rest day. The bad news is I have only been able to keep down some water and crackers.....thus not helping my body to repair from lifting. :(

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2007 7:31 pm
by SeaSiren
I got really dehydrated (lost 3 lbs in one day), and my tongue (I know sounds strange) had ridges on either side.

Anyway, I wanted to move my workouts to AM now, before work. I was reading how it is more beneficial when ever you work out (especially cardio but both cardio and weight lifting) on an empty stomach in the morning. So the plan it to get up, drink water and then workout.

Unfortunately I couldn't begin with today, because I am to dehydrated and have the "shakes", prob from low sugar. So, I'll train in the eve tonight and hope to get the AM session tomorrow.

Still weak as a kitten, forced food all day and forced a training session (if you can call it that).

Meal 1-Banana Protein Shake w/oats (didn't finish), banana
Meal 2-Lite Life "chicken, Spinach Salad w/celery, onions and fat free vinaigrette dressing (didn't finish either), water
Meal 3-Vanilla Protein Shake (drank 1/3)

Pitiful session as follows:
Barbell Bench Press: 12x40, 6x 50 -then lost warning total failure the bar came crashing down. Amazing how things happen in slow motion. All those years of training horses (jumpers) all I could think was duck and roll out of the way. Was able to push with one arm and get the heck out from under it (adrenaline rush). I've never had a failure on bench, so a bit shy now.
Luckily unhurt, I shook it off and continued with Dumbbell Bench Press 8x30, 6x40, 12 x30
Lat Pull Down 12x40, 10x50, 8x60, 6x70, 12x 50
Cable Rows 9x50 -darn arthritis to painful to ignore on 9, rested 5 sec and continued 3x50
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press (try not to laugh here) 12x8, 10x10, 8x15, 3.5 x 20 Failure, 12x8 Failure
Upright Cable Rows 12x 30
At this point I am reconsidering working out at ALL. But since I am already invested, I continued this pitiful day.
Barbell Curls 12x25, 10x25, 8x30 (Form suffering, decided to keep it at 30) 6x30, 25 x 6 Failure
Alternating Dumbbell Curls 10x 12 Failure
At this point I had almost nothing left to give
Tricep Push Downs 12 x20, 10x25, 8 x30, 6 x35, 10x25 failure
Dips x 5 failure -muscles totally toast

Very disappointed in my performance...or lack thereof. I think the dehydration was a major factor. Cardio tomorrow, so muscles get to rest a bit.

Meal 4-choc protein shake (drinking now)
Meal 5-tofu stir fry, water

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 11:26 am
by Harley
I am sorry to hear you did not get a good workout in.
No doubt the dehydration played a major role.
Hope today is a better day for you and drink more water!!

Keep on lifting!

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2007 8:55 am
by SeaSiren
Harley wrote:Hope today is a better day for you and drink more water!!

Keep on lifting!

Thank-you! :)

I actually got up and did my 20 minute interval training on tread at 6AM. OK don't laugh this was a major feat for me since I am a bit of a night owl. Drank water just before cardio (since my body would have been without water for 7hrs while I slept). It was hard at first since I was still waking up but I finished strong.
Meal 1-Banana Protein Shake w/oats, orange, water
Meal 2-Tofu scramble, 1/2 banana, water
Meal 3- Amy's Burger, spinach salad w/onions, celery, and Fat Free Vin
Meal 4-Choc Protein Shake
Meal 5-tempeh stir fry w/kale, onions, & sweet red pepper, water
Meal 6-Choc Protein Pudding, sprinkle of walnuts

2 Days in a row, woohoo! OK up at 6AM again today (well after hitting snooze once).

Barbell Squats 12x40, 10x50, 8x60, 6x70, 12x50
Leg Extensions 6x60 Failure (was hoping for 12)
Dumbbell Lunges 12x8, 10x10, 8x15, 6x20, 6x10 (wanted 12 so finished with , 6x8
Straight Leg Dead lifts 12x50
Seated Calf Raises 12x20, 10x25, 8x30, 6x35, 12x25
Standing Calf Raises 12x25
Reverse Crunches 12, 10, 8, 6, 12
Decline Oblique Crunches 12 (each side)

Lifting was a bit harder since I had my nails done yesterday and the gentlemen doing them accidentally cut through my nail bed. He's been doing them for over 4 years, so this is a one time thing. But he was horrified. I didn't think the pain was that bad (high pain tolerance). However it woke me up last eve. And has made use difficult. If it looks like it is continuing to back up, get hot, etc, I'll have to punch back through the nail to treat it....better then losing the nail or worse. But really hoping I can use it tomorrow (typing is a treat too, and it's my mouse finger).

Meal 1-Vanilla Protein Shake w/oats, banana

Meal 2-tofu scramble
Meal 3-Lite Life Santa Fe "chicken", spinach Salad w/celery, onions and Fat Free Vin
Meal 4-Choc Protein Shake
Meal 5-Baked Tofu, mixed veggies
Meal 6-Choc Protein Pudding w/sprinkle of cashews