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Cubby's New Training

#1 Postby cubby2112 » Tue Jan 16, 2007 11:28 pm

I have finally decided to try out a no-failure lifting routine. Before, I was doing the old fashioned way of hitting each muscle group once per week and to its knees for multiple sets. Now I am going to try a more HST style training method. I did it last week and made some progress, though it is really hard to not push to failure. Seems like a bit of a paradox that it is harder to not push yourself as hard. I am going to start taking a better log, but here is how it has looked so far (I started this training on a cruise ship, so the equipment was limited and I couldn't do squats and some other key exercizes).

Day 1
Dumbell Bench-6, 8, 7 reps at 60x2
Incline Dumbell-6, 7, 7 reps at 50x2
Decline Dumbell (I have problems with the development of my lower pecs, go figure)-6, 9, 8
I also did a dip machine and forearm training, but don't have the notes. I plan on doing close-grip bench and grip training with an Iron Woody Gripper.
Day 2
Same, bad notes. I plan on doing pullups, dumbell rows, dumbell military, upright rows and standing barbell curls
Day 3
Had to use all machines, so I won't bother listing. I plan on doing squats, straight-leg deads, calf press of some sort, abs and obliques.
Rinse and repeat. I will bring some barbells into the chest routine, probably for the decline bench. Does that sound like a decent plan?
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