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Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:26 pm
by VeganEssentials
Upper back and shoulder training last night, a few days later than expected.

Wide-grip pulldowns -
1x8 @ 120 lbs.
1x8 @ 200 lbs.
3x12 @ 260 lbs.

Standing strict overhead press w/ axle -
1x10 @ empty 55 lb. axle
1x5 @ 145 lbs.
1x3 @ 175
1x1 @ 195
1x1 @ 215
1x1 @ 225, went up REALLY easily got too confident
1xfail @ 235, moved from start position to top of head easily, then stuck for some reason and a no-go. Was expecting it to be easy, but didn't work out that way.
3x7 @ 195 lbs.

Plate-loaded seated row w/bands (which add about zero tension at start, about 30 lbs. at finish) -
1x15 @ 200 lbs. + band tension
1x15 @ 230 " "
1x15 @ 260 " "

Standing axle strict press speed doubles (making sure to press with enough force that I have to hold on to the bar at the finish to keep it from popping out of my grip) -
10x2 @ 145 lbs.
Just testing to see how some speed pressing works for overhead since I was a bit worn out tonight on my overheads after the previous sets.

Hammer Strength plate-loaded pulldown machine w/ bands -
3x20 @ 150 + purple bands (about 40-50 lbs. initial resistance, about 100-120 lbs. end resistance)

Just wanted to get some high rep stuff in for upper back work, felt good, should be hitting up legs again tomorrow. Good news today was that I got the go-ahead to resume light squatting and deadlifting any time, I will probably begin next week, still plan to take it slow and probably won't squat or deadlift above 225 for a month or two just to be safe.

Looking forward to starting back with my favorite lifts again before too long!

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:59 am
by robert
Nice work, Ryan!

Back in the game. Ease into those power lifts to stay healthy.

All the best!

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:03 am
by veggiesasquatch
VeganEssentials wrote: Good news today was that I got the go-ahead to resume light squatting and deadlifting any time, I will probably begin next week, still plan to take it slow and probably won't squat or deadlift above 225 for a month or two just to be safe.

Looking forward to starting back with my favorite lifts again before too long!

Awesome news :)

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:05 pm
by VeganEssentials
Yes, definitely good news! Of course, coupled with irritating news.....

Turns out, the Public Storage company that owns our building for our training facility gave my business partner notice last Friday that we've got until July to find a new home. Apparently, they just can't afford to have so many open commercial/light industrial units in the front building, so they're coverting the whole thing to indoor storage and booting all the tenants. Sucks, but I understand, they have to adapt to make money or they go out of business (which would end up with us losing our spot in the end in such a scenario anyway). So, next week the three of us who are partners need to get together and start making the rounds to scout for a new location - plenty of time and even with probably 20,000+ lbs. of plates and equipment, we could relocate and re-settle over a single weekend with the crew we can round up. Only pain is that the astroturf was cut just for the room it's glued to, so no idea how salvageable that's going to be, might be a $1500 waste, might be able to move it, we shall see.

Got in to train a bit last night, was decent but didn't go completely as planned -

Flat barbell bench w/ axle -
1x10 @ empty axle (55 lb.)
1x5 @ 145 lbs.
1x3 @ 195
1x2 @ 235
3x3 @ 265
1xfail @ 290, injured finger (see below) made it too tough to bench heavy as I couldn't wrap my hands well enough around the axle, dropped weight for speed doubles work instead -
10x2 @ 195 lbs., about 45-60 seconds rest between each set, all lowered quickly and pressed at max speed

Had originally planned to wait one more week before squatting, but the bug had already bitten me as soon as I knew I was cleared to do them again. So, put on the knee sleeves, set up shop in the rack, and had some fun with a return to squatting again -
1x10 @ 135 lbs.
1x10 @ 185
4x10 @ 225
After first set @ 225, I managed to snag an overly-long fingernail on my belt, which popped about half of it up from the skin. I thought I just bent the nail at first (was sore, but not bad), but the blood that started dripping out from under the nail told a different story. So, that made it fun, had to create an impromptu bandage out of duct tape and tissue to keep my finger bandaged, which messed with my benching as noted above. Squats were fine, but had to drop weight on the axle benching.

As mentioned, I'm keeping things light for some time, hoping I can restrain myself enough to where I just add 5-10 lbs. each week for a few months or add more sets, anything to keep from going all-out and ending up hurt is a good plan :) Just those sets have left my legs sore as hell today, goes to show that after a long time off, even light squats are a killer! Good news is that there's ZERO knee pain with my orthotics, who would have guessed that it was just my stupid feet that were killing my knees so much? I was prepared to get my knee checked out as of a few weeks ago when it was still sore after 5 months straight, looks like things are on the mend!

Just played around a bit with some light single-leg pressing -
3x20 each leg @ 150 lbs.

And one set of glute/ham raises for 30 reps at bodyweight to call it a day. Got queasy near the end of the workout (probably from keeping rest periods short, I was winded through the 2nd half of my workout) so cut short the extra bench work and stopped the glute/ham raises early as well. No point in puking, it would just mean that I'd have to eat more to make up for it :)

Getting some upper back/bicep work in tonight, then it's two days off to get out of town for some much-needed R&R as it has been extremely stressful lately, and a 10th wedding anniversary is a good reason to unwind for a few days. Planning on a nice deep tissue massage Wednesday to treat ourselves, then it's back to business and training as usual come Thursday!

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:43 am
by VeganEssentials
Upper back work tonight. Weird day, full of seething rage at just about everything for no particular reason, so training was mandatory to prevent me from freaking out at some point during the evening.

Pull-ups -
1x3 @ bodyweight (248 lbs. clothed)
1x3 @ 30 lbs. added
3x5 @ 55 lbs. added
1x12 @ bodyweight, damn it feels light and easy after doing them with weight!

In between, did front squat harness shrugs -
1x20 @ 150 lbs. (135 + harness)
1x20 @ 200
1x20 @ 250
3x20 @ 300

Hammer Strength plate-loaded high row -
1x10 @ 450 lbs.
1x10 @ 480
1x10 @ 500, tough today, a fair amount of leaning back to finish last few reps
1x25 @ 300

In between, tried a new shrug setup - took two thick blue Jump Stretch bands, wrapped one over each shoulder and put other end under each foot (done while seated), stand up to full tension and shrug -
3x20, felt like 180-200 lbs. at bottom, 250-270 at top of shrug

Wide-grip pulldowns w/ Fat Gripz handles for added grip work -
2x20 @ 180 lbs., easy pulling but grip was fried by 20th rep each time

Green Jump Stretch band seated row, band wrapped around base of plate rack, attached handle to other end, row to navel height for fast reps -
2x20, felt about 60ish lbs. at start, around 100ish at finish

That was it, just a good 70 minute upper back session with short rest periods, still just doing general strengt stuff with more volume and some higher rep "fun" work for increasing workload capacity.

Two days off to get away, should get back in the gym Friday after I'm home and settled in!

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:01 pm
by VeganEssentials
Lost a week due to being slightly injured (lat strain from shovelling too frantically during last week's snow day), and being far too busy, but got back in to train last night for upper back and shoulders -

Icarian plate-loaded seated row -
1x10 @ 180 lbs.
1x10 @ 230
1x10 @ 280
3x10 @ 320

Standing strict overhead press w/ axle -
1x10 @ empty axle (55 lbs.)
1x5 @ 145 lbs.
1x3 @ 175
1x1 @ 195
1x1 @ 215
1x1 @ 225, was really easy, should have done another rep!
3x5 @ 205

Wide grip pulldowns -
1x12 @ 250 lbs.
1x12 @ 260
1x12 @ 270

Seated overhead axle half presses in the power rack (bar about 1/2" over top of head to start) -
1x8 @ 235 lbs.
1x8 @ 255
1x4 @ 275, died out at that point, dropped the weight, did 8 more @ 235 to wrap up shoulder work

1-arm sled rows, done on astroturf, which has a LOT less "slide" than asphalt, so the weight had to be lower than when I did them outside -
1x20 @ 270 lbs. each arm
1x20 @ 320
1x20 @ 360

Wrapped up with some lat shrug-ups from a hanging position in the power rack -
1x20 w/ 50 lb. DB strapped on (300 lbs. total weight)
1x30 @ bodyweight (250 clothed and bundled up)

Good session, going back in to hit legs tomorrow!

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:25 am
by VeganEssentials
Quick leg day, was supposed to be a good chest day as well, but cut pretty short.

Squats, still going uber-light to take it easy on the lower back -
1x3 @ 135 lbs.
1x3 @ 185
1x2 @ 225
1x1 @ 275
1x1 @ 315 (couldn't resist, but won't push it much more for a bit)
5x10 @ 235, really easy, just that I'd suck wind for a minute afterward but legs handle it well

Flat bench w/ axle -
1x10 @ empty 55 lb. axle
1x5 @ 145 lbs.
1x3 @ 195
1x2 @ 235
1x1 @ 265
1x1 @ 285, wanted to hit 300 again but knew it was not my day from how the 285 felt
Dropped weight to close grip a few sets to wrap it up -
3x12 @ 205 lbs.

Was going to do some glute/ham raises and some bench assistance, but had WAY too much caffeine tonight, which plays hell with my stomach. Felt queasy and dizzy after the benching, just knew it would be bad if I kept going, so I called it a day after that.

Planning on doing an upper/lower back day on Tuesday to test light deadlifts again and hit some pull-ups and rows, one more workout before leaving for California!

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:38 am
by VeganEssentials
Anything goes kind of session tonight, trying to cover all my bases since I leave for Calfornia on business in less than 2 days and probably won't get to train while there (walking and talking for 8+ hours/day leaves me with little left for lifting at the end of the day).

Started with light deadlifts to test the waters again, using IronMind back support (just to keep warm) but no belt for the time being, just going REALLY light for a few months until I know how things will be after the back therapy -
1x10 @ 135 lbs.
5x10 @ 225 lbs.

Didn't get to shoulders lately, threw in some light maintenance work via standing strict overhead axle presses -
1x10 @ 55 lb. empty axle
5x10 @ 150 lbs.

Then it was on to upper back work, starting with weighted pull-ups, narrow grip with hands about 8" apart -
1x5 @ bodyweight (250 lbs. clothed and layered, facility was colder than it was outside!)
1x5 @ 55 lbs. added (305 lbs. total)
1x5 @ 60 lbs. added
1x5 @ 65 lbs. added, bit of toe push at start of reps, but all were smooth, feet on floor between each rep

Hammer Strength plate-loaded pulldown machine -
3x8 @ 300 lbs.

Dumbbell rows (first time in months!) -
2x10 @ 160 lbs. each arm
1x20 @ 125 lbs. each arm

Rear delt band pull-aparts -

Kept the pace fast with short rest periods, in and out in 90 minutes total including warm-up and set-up time, endurance and strength both picking up again as the lower back is getting better. Still, need to be safe, I'm a sucker for jumping back in too quickly. Planning on keeping the squats and deadlifts fairly light until May or June before really starting to work on gaining significant strength back in them, we shall see how things go. Probably won't update for a week, but I plan to get back to training as soon as I'm home again!

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:47 pm
by veggiesasquatch
Your ohp is fucking awesome man...I hope I can get somewhere near that one day.

Congrats on the all clear, I bet it felt good to get down to some deads even if, for you they are light. 

Could you be tempted to use 5/3/1 once you're ready to
Properly train lower body again to help with a steady increase/gain? 

I know you're experienced, just interests in the process you may/may not have planned...

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:02 pm
by VeganEssentials
Thanks, veggiesasquatch! I figured, if I couldn't do much for the lower body and my chest strength has been mediocre at best, may as well keep the shoulders and upper back stuff strong if nothing else!

Felt good on those deads, but my QL on the left side was tight as hell today, body is not used to really pushing those hips through and having the lower back do much work. I'm going to have to stretch out a lot more to avoid it being tender in the future, that's for sure.

I'd certainly be open to trying 5/3/1 when I get back to reasonable levels in the coming months. Basically, I'm planning on 2 months of slow "10 lbs. added per week" 5x10 stuff just to re-learn proper squat and DL form (which takes a few sessions to get back properly again), hoping that I can get both into the 400s again by fall, at which time I'd like to move to something with more structure. For a while, I just have to keep shit light as I'm starting off with a strong torso but wussified lower body, but it always comes back fairly quickly as long as I stay healthy.

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:18 pm
by veggiesasquatch
I do highly recommend 5/3/1...if you haven't noticed from my blog haha By adding the respective 5lb to upper body & 10lb lower body (I add 2.5kg & 5kg being in the uk) to your 1rm each cycle works well for a steady gain.

I try keeping the mindset of "It's the millimetres that make up a mile" these days.

I think people under estimate how important upper back work is.  People want a thick, broad back but i believe if you train it to be functional then it's an area that has a great knock on I'm with you on that for sure! Shoulders are self explanatory, you need shoulders for everything.

If I you dont mind a suggestion towards the hip movement you mentioned, I used glute bridges & single leg glute bridges to help me "learn" to actually push with my hips. Even barbell bridges, these killed at first.

I'm sure you already know the above but just thought I'd help if I could:)

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:58 pm
by VeganEssentials
I will definitely consider it in the coming months for 5/3/1, VS! And agreed fully on the upper back work, which is why I've never let it slide and made sure to keep hitting it hard when it was one of the few things I had left to train heavy on.

I was doing some barbell hip bridges for fun a while ago, might start putting those back in soon. It all starts to click after a few weeks of being back in routine, but even 2-3 weeks off of lower body work sets me back far on my form, so it's square one all over again!

This past few days, no training, after walking for nearly 8 hours/day for 3 days straight (and a good distance expected tomorrow), it's all I can muster right about now for any exercise. At the same time, this is the first Expo where I didn't eat my way from one end of the hall to the othter (tried to steer clear of most of the junk food this time around), so that has been the one good thing of this last few days. Will be back on track come Wednesday, either doing legs or upper back as soon as I fly home and have a day to get things back in order at work again!

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 12:02 am
by robert
Hey Big Guy,

Hope you had an awesome trip!

Hope you had fun with the Vega crew too. I stayed busy working on various things but perhaps I'll make it back there in the future. I'll miss next year too, due to the cruise conflict. But someday I'll likely make it back to Expo.

Enjoy the training when you're back in the gym!

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:13 pm
by VeganEssentials
First day back to normal training again, had a good session last night for chest and upper back -

Weighted pull-ups -
1x3 @ bodyweight (247 lbs. clothed)
3x10 @ 28.5 lbs. added on (27.5 lb. DB plus belt for hanging weight, 275.5 .bs. total weight)

Flat barbell bench w/ axle -
1x5 @ 145 lbs.
1x3 @ 235
1x1 @ 265
1x1 @ 285
1x1 @ 300, just to make sure I could hit it well enough, only stalled out for a split second at the change from mostly chest to more triceps on lockout (which is usually my strong point!)
1x8 @ 235
2x7 @ 235 (was going to be 8,7,6 but had a bit of extra strength on the last rep)

Hammer Strength plate-loaded high row -
3x12 @ 400 lbs.

DB flat bench -
1x10 @ 95s
1x15 @ 80s
1x20 @ 65s

Pulldowns -
3x15 @ 220 lbs.

Horizontal bench machine w/ bands -
3x20 w/ purple and orange band for speed reps, close neutral grip position for hands

Sled rows outside (being as it was in the mid 50s last night, seemed right to open the dock door up and get outdoors!)
1x20 @ 450 lbs.
1x20 @ 500
1x20 @ 550

9 decent working sets for bench, 12 for upper back, felt good but wiped out afterward.

May well head back tonight to do some prowler pushing and sled dragging work for the hell of it, we'll see how the day goes!

Re: Ryan's "Starting Over Again" Log

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:52 pm
by Fallen_Horse
Putting out some big numbers there! 8)