1 month challenge

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1 month challenge

#1 Postby pelicanAndrew » Sun Jul 15, 2007 1:05 am

One month till school. I've been slacking off.

Diet- no gluten, no non fermented soy(ie no soy milk, soy ice cream or any sort of soy protein), as little processed foods as possible

Basic daily diet-

Morning- buckweat or quinoa, lots of fruit, Vega shake,

Lunch- either rice bread sandwhich of sorts(peanut butter and jelly or avocado) or more preferably a legume/pulse salad combined with a grain, has to be easily made for on the go because I'm out fixing intercoms with my dad all day.

workout then protein shake afterwards

Dinner- brown rice noodles, rice, beans, beans, some more beans. Plenty of leafy greens, mainly kale and spinach because i love em.

Goals- loose some of my belly i've gained. I'm no where near the crappy shape i was in before going vegan but not having a steady workout routine for almost 3 months now has taken it's toll. Also, start running(ughh). I hate running but I want to be better at it. I used to hate squats and now I love em so I'll just have to approach running the same way.

Saturday workout



Took it easy the first day

Side Planks- 3x8 per side. Really tough but felt good.

Declined Situps/downs- 2 sets of 5 sit ups with 10-15 second decline intervals

Improvised ab roll outs(used a dumb bell in each hand)

3x8 sets trying to roll out as slow as possible

Next workout will be harder and is going to include some SLDLs, barbell rows and tricep work. I'm also going to do some overhead press work instead of benching next time and add shrugs in. I had only eaten a bagel and a handful of fruit all day(woke up at 9, lifted at 3) so I was pretty exhausted, not to mention I'm out of shape like crazy.

My limited workout space is going to make squats tough so i'm considering doing lots of bodyweight and cardio exercises with my legs. When i'm back at school i'll have tons of shiny equipment to play with. For now i have to make due with my bench set that can only supposedly hold 225 lbs(i've put more on :lol: )

I'm actually motivated now so this should be good. My friends and I are talking about getting a Gym membership and have me show them the ropes. Hopefully this crap with my Grandma's estate gets figured out so I don't have to worry about having to help out with my college payments. Bleargh. That's crap is for another post though. :wink:

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