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#16 Postby Christopher » Sat Dec 08, 2007 12:32 am

Zack: The weight loss is coming along. It's not showing on the scale as much as in my clothes. I've done some traveling with work, recently, and bought some new clothes for a Seattle trip. I went down 1 - 2 sizes in slacks, depending on the manufacturer.

I seem to be leveling out a bit with the mass from lifting, and now I'm slowly seeing things on the scale. With increasing the intensity of tennis matches with my friend and increasing mileage walked and jogged, I expect to really start seeing the loss.

Potter: Yeah, I was always like that. If I was out playing football or anything with friends, I was the last one to want to stop. But I could never jog.

I'm fortunate to have a good friend at work who is always asking how things are going with exercising; my wife and I get out walking regularly; and every weekend I have to face my friend on the tennis court--and if I don't keep at it, not only do I feel it when playing, but I hear it from the friend.

He has nine years on me and while I hope to be in half his shape when I'm 47, the teasing I get if I slack off and he knows it is merciless (but in good fun), so I have all the motivation I need.

And, of course, reading the forums here :)

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