Regarding muscle building, program and pwo nutrition

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Regarding muscle building, program and pwo nutrition

#1 Postby dydde » Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:40 pm

There are so many programs out there that its just impossible to choose. Ive been trough many of your buys blogs and training logs but i guess i have to post my questions since i didnt fint answear to all my questions.
So here it goes.

1. I want to gain muscle size on different parts of my upperbody, chest, arms, shoulders(wider)
What program have worked for you guys in doing this? I want to workout everyday if possible because i just love it :)
So maybe a 5 day split program where i train one muscle group each day etc? Also what in terms of sets and reps have worked. I tried to browse around at and also here to find the people with the physic i wanted but i didnt manage to find their training program. So would be great to know what frequency, sets, reps worked out best for you in terms of adding size/muscle.

2. I want to loose fat, and i have stubborn fat around my legs/waist/hips/ass so i dont want to train my legs since i dont want to get any bigger there. So im doing cardio everyday usually incline working for 45min to 1 hour. I know people say they do this postworkout but isnt this bad in terms of your PWO window where you can eat and fuel your muscles. So wouldnt it be better to do the cardio in the morning. Go home and eat and do the weight training later that day?

Any other info or blogs site you know off where people have the model body with great muscles in terms of wide shoulders, and well trained chest arms etc plz post that aswell :D

If you guys have any other questions please ask, since i have all the details regarind my goals :D

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Re: Regarding muscle building, program and pwo nutrition

#2 Postby romac » Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:34 am

your goals: 1. gain muscle 2. lose fat are simple enough, but depending on your body-type, diet, and workout routine, might make them very difficult to achieve at the same time, and of course that's why most people separate them into cutting and bulking cycles.

With years and years of experience, and fine tuning your diet I think you could do both at the same time - or at least stay lean while adding muscle - there's a guy who runs a website called (i think) who does exactly that utilizing a diet called intermittent fasting, but i have a hard time wrapping my head around the scheduling of rest/workout/fasting/eating.

The problem is muscle-building requires ample calories, and nutrients - not just protein - to meet this requirement, most people tend to slightly over-eat, which means body fat will slightly, slowly increase.

Sorry I can't direct you towards a specific program to meet both goals at once.
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