body fat percentage and bulking

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body fat percentage and bulking

#1 Postby JLK » Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:30 pm

hi guys,

im 6'1, 176 pounds, 18.5% body fat. I started off at about 162 pounds and have been working out for around 6 months (for the first three months i was doing cardio aswell as weights then i decided to drop the cardio for the last three months - thats when my weight has been moving up).

what i ultimately want is a muscular but lean physique. my plan was to keep bulking until about 195 pounds and then introduce cutting to hopefully lower my body fat but retain muscle (i dont care how crappy i look during the bulking period). i anticipate this will take another 6+ months.

i am pretty new to bodybuilding so can someone tell me if this plan is at all sensible or if it has holes in.

my body looks alot better then it used to but my face looks like a sack of mushed potatos, i used to have taut skin but not any longer i assume this is due to the high body fat percentage. Will i be able to rectify this at the end of the bulking period?

From what I gather most people don't do bulking periods for as long as me. How come? What is the problem with doing bulking for a long period?

BTW Im also working out 3 times a week doing weights steadily increasing the heaviness. 4 sets 10 reps for each exercise is the standard

Awaiting your feedback.

Much thanks.

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Re: body fat percentage and bulking

#2 Postby Dallas » Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:25 pm

Boost your metabolism with b-vitamins, magnesium, and water. Do compound lifts to burn more fat. I also cut cardio when I realised it's not needed for weight control.

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