Workout Critique

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Workout Critique

#1 Postby Wozza » Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:02 am

Hi guys,
Just wondering if I can improve my workout. At the moment i'm using antagonist/agonist training. Can I improve this workout regime?
Here's my workout:

Monday Chest/Back

Barbell Press 3x8-12
Lat pulldown 3x8-12
Incline Press 3x8-12
Hyperextensions 3x8-12
Medicine ball push up 3x8-12
Cable Row 3x8-12
Decline Dumbell Press 3x 8-12
Pull ups 3x8-12
Dips 3x8-12

Wednesday Abs/Legs

Squats 3x10-12
Leg Press 3x10-12
Dumbell Lunge 3x10-12
Jackknife 3x10-15
Weighted Russian Twist 3x10-15
Plank 3 sets
Crunches 3x10-15

Friday- Biceps/Triceps/Shoulder

Chin ups 3x8-12
Bench Dip with weight plate 3x8-12
Hammercurl 3x8-12
Close grip pushup 3x8-12
Barbell curl 3x8-12
Skull Crusher 3x8-12
Barbell Shoulder press 3x8-12
Weight plate lift 3x8-12
Shrugs 3x8-12
Dumbell lift (behind head) 3x8-12

I do cardio on tues/thurs for about 30 mins or so and consume around 2500 calories/day. I weigh 72kg. Generally average around 100g of protein a day and around 350g of carbs. With summer approaching I want to start to build more definition. What would be the ideal workout plan for that and calories to reach a day?

Thanks for your input/time

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Re: Workout Critique

#2 Postby Tiki » Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:50 pm

2500 cals isnt very much for a guy, im assuming u are a guy (form australia by the sounds of ur name ending in 'zza and summer comming up soon).. im a chick who trains 2-3 hours a day 5-6 days a week (gym and other training) and I eat 2100 cals a day (a dude trying to put on muscle mass should be eating alot more, unless your goal is trying to lose weight) and I eat 120g of protein a day (2.2g of protein x bodyweight) is around what u should be eating... so alot more than 100g!

Remember fats are crucial for creating hormones.. which in turn help create muscle.. if your planning to build muscle mass u need a higher calorie diet.. it should be accurately calculated according to your body weight, the amount you train and your goal weight.. or u will eat to less and or too much and put on unwanted fat..

Your workout exercises sound good.. my preferred way of working out is to group chest and tri's, with back and bi's because i figure when you work out your back no matter what u generally have hit your bi's in some way, so why not keep fatiguing your biceps then let them rest for a few days? same with chest etc.. but thats my personal oppinion, my boyfriend who is a pretty awesome competitive body builder thinks that hitting them twice by doing back and tri and chest and bi's is the way to go.. but it all comes down to what you think is logical..

hope that helps

Shaun Pollock
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Re: Workout Critique

#3 Postby Shaun Pollock » Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:40 pm

Hey dear your workout is new for me and i never seen this before. Thanks for sharing. In my opinion there is no need to change in your workout. Your workout is awesome and i suggest you to keep doing it.

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Re: Workout Critique

#4 Postby James » Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:06 pm

Shaun Pollock wrote:In my opinion there is no need to change in your workout. Your workout is awesome and i suggest you to keep doing it.

I have to disagree. At 72 kg you have no business messing around with all that long-winded isolation crap, you need a basic routine focusing on the big compound lifts. I'd suggest you look up 'Stronglifts 5x5' or 'Starting Strength'.

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