Anyone familiar with Berend Breitenstein? How about his book

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Anyone familiar with Berend Breitenstein? How about his book

#1 Postby boardn10 » Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:43 pm

Hi all,

This guy's stuff looks interesting. Anyone know where he is from? He just published his first book in English and wondering if worth it.

I see he is a competitive pro. I had some questions about his form in some of these videos however! I always read the best way to perform a bent row is with your back fairly parallel to the floor. Here he is almost standing up straight at times.
I also notice he uses a weight lifting belt? I have read quite a few times we should not be using a weight belt because it can create a weakness in the lower back, instead we are best to strengthen the low back rather than rely on a belt?!

In this video he is arching his back pretty bad toward the end of his set. I try to never arch my back and isn;t this bad form?

However, I can't argue with his physique.
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