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Training Program

#1 Postby A.Cirnici » Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:26 am

Hello! My name is Andrew. I`m from Russia, Moscow.
Gone Veg three months ago. Why? i just thought its more healthy without meat, eggs, milk etc.
And i like the way things are going.

Well... a have reached a point in my life when i decided that i want to grow some muscles on my bones ;D - better late then never ;)

I`m 23 years old. 198 cm high. My weight is 80 kilos(I`m kind of skin and bones).

I want to gain some muscles... and it would be nice if some one helped to develop a program that fits both my current state and the inventory that i have in my basement ;)

So, lets go on to the photos that i made a hour ago.

Starting: Me(Nice "before pics" i have there right? ;))
Hm... seems not skin and bones after all... a have a belly ;D
Well... at least my back shows some promise(I think)
But.. enough of me... lets skip to my inventory... I have this:
And this:
And this:
And a little bit of those(The green ones are 2 kilos, the purple ones are 3 kilos, and the old ones are 2+2*2+2*5=16 kilos each)
And i have some of these but i really don`t think that they will come in handy...

Well... i think thats all...

So... people... Help a new one in your troops with the start... i`ll be grateful.

Oh yeah, and some tips for my diet wold be nice ;)

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