Groin pain during squats

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Groin pain during squats

#1 Postby otheym » Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:33 am

So I've been doing stronglifts for a few months. Everything was going fine until I got to 100 lbs or so on squats then I started getting groin pain. I rested it for two weeks and started working my way back up, I just got back up to 100 pounds and the pain is back again. Sqats seem to be the only lift that aggravates it. Anyone have any ideas on what might be going on?

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Re: Groin pain during squats

#2 Postby chewybaws » Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:02 am

I got the exactly same thing (and had it reoccuring, had to take weeks off at a time, and it kept pulling). Also, doing stronglifts.

The truth is, I didn't warmup or stretch effectively. And I think a foam roller helped as well when I finally got one.

My lower body niggles and injuries practically disapeared when I started using this warmup;

Instead of the groiners I use Squat to Stands

These really open your groin up. If you don't have the hamstring flexibility to keep your knees straight at the top, through a curl bar over your toes and grab that instead of all the way to your toes (I often do this during the warmup, then just do full squat to stands when I'm stretching at the end).

While I'm here I might as well post other stuff that will avoid you getting injuries elsewhere;
My shoulder pain disapeared from performing this warmup;

I always do this first before anything else

After workout here is my cooldown;
Foam roll with to loosen the muscles then stretches;

1) Calf (
2) Quad (
3) Hip flexor (
4) Calf/ITB ( - then twist torso to side of back leg)
5) Seated ITB (1:58
6) Squat to stand for hams/groin ( - hold both top and bottom position on last rep for 10 seconds)
7) Groin (
8) Glute/lower back (
9) Abs (
10) Rotator cuff, Pec, Lat stretches from this video (
11) Upper back (
12) Triceps (
12) Rear delts (

When it becomes routine you can get this under 15 minutes easily but I've noticed a huge difference spending time doing a proper warmup/cooldown to how I feel, especially while squatting.

Because I've started splitting my workouts to upper/lower body, if it's an upper body day I'll use this warmup;

(if it's bench day i'll throw in a couple of dynamic stretches for back flexion/extension to warmup for arching my back in bench)

I used to get A LOT of injuries, especially on stronglifts. Just from having bad flexibility and not looking after my muscles. I can't recommend these routines enough. The only take 10-15mins at the start/end of your session.

Make sure when you're doing any barbell lift that you warmup with an empty bar (or at least less weight for deadlifts), and go up 20% at a time at least till you hit your work weight to grease the groove and lube your joints/muscles a bit.

I know from experience groin pulls hang about for a long time. Go very light and do high reps in the meantime and build it up gradually, incorporating these warmups/stretches to improve your flexibility.

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Re: Groin pain during squats

#3 Postby Fallen_Horse » Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:08 pm

Nice post chewy!
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Re: Groin pain during squats

#4 Postby otheym » Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:15 pm

Thanks so much for taking the time to post all of that info. Excited to give this a shot when I can do the movements without any pain.

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