How are bodybuilding competitions judged?

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How are bodybuilding competitions judged?

#1 Postby precision female » Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:30 am

Can anyone tell me - or direct me to good websites for info on how the judges score bodybuilders at competitions? how many points for what etc...
I know its mostly mass, vascularity, definition, and symmetry but I don't know what you lose/get points for exactly...seeing photos with comments on what the judges thought and how they scored would be helpful.
(I recently watched my first bodybuilding event and was horrified that I couldn't determine who the winners would be - or the judges chose the competitors I thought would place 7th or 8th!)
I'm a canadian female - but american or men's info is still of interest... I'm aiming for the bodybuilding category but figure category info would be good to know too....
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