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Subluxing ulnar nerve or medial triceps head!?

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:39 pm
by boardn10
Hello all! Happy Tofurkey week!

I learned recently that I will be having surgery on the 8th of December. Let me explain.

I hade tingling in my hand in 2007 and it was determined that my Ulnar nerve was compressed in the cubital tunnel, hence cubital tunnel syndrome. The surgery was successful and the tingling had resolved. However, within weeks to months I started to have odd wrist pain and a weird snapping in my elbow and I could swear I felt the nerve slipping back over the bone.

So researched subluxing ulnar nerve and also subluxing medial triceps head. Of course the surgeon I had seen said everything was fine and this it must be something else. I moved on. Problem is, the elbow snapping did not stop and at times it got really bad, I also developed forearm, hand and elbow pain and the snapping in the elbow continued.

I finally saw another hand and elbow specialist recently and after examination and an EMG test he feels the barrier created to stop the nerve from slipping had not held the nerve in place, hence my issue. Is this causing any of my pain? Are they related? Not sure yet. I am going for a second opinion.

Has anyone had experience with snapping in the elbow? Ulnar nerve issues? Anything related?