Building up my weak arm/working around a broken elbow?

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Building up my weak arm/working around a broken elbow?

#1 Postby mrsbadmouth » Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:59 pm

I've been doing P90X for about two months and it's pretty awesome. I have two main problems, one of which is my right arm. I broke it when I was four really close to the elbow, and it didn't set right so it doesn't bend right. It doesn't hurt or affect my day-to-day life (other than I am incredibly left-handed, I can't even light a lighter with my right hand), it just makes some things really difficult. For instance, doing pushups is still almost impossible because I can only lower myself a little bit before the other option is to drop my face right into the floor. After two months of wall pushups, I can do about five on my knees.

Anyway, now that i'm not a total weakling I can really tell the difference between my left and right arm. I'd like to even things out a bit!

I doubt anyone here has my specific injury, but any advice on how to treat the weaker arm would be great. More reps on that side? Or just increase my weights and wait for it to catch up on its own?

If you are curious, here's an old photo of how my arm bends:

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Re: Building up my weak arm/working around a broken elbow?

#2 Postby SkinnyBea » Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:21 pm


I have a hurt elbow too :(

I hurt had an injury in 2007 and every time I work arms or back, even chest the muscle around my elbow hurt and get stiff. Sometimes when I spend a lot of time writing on my computer my elbow just gets numb and have problems with my circulation. I am always worried about training and my elbow. It sucks.

What I found it works, is after training certain body parts I ice my elbow. I keep an ice-pack with me the whole time.

We have different injuries, though, and we need different treatment. I share how you feel though...

Good luck!

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Re: Building up my weak arm/working around a broken elbow?

#3 Postby MartinVegartin » Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:27 am

Have you tried different positions for pressing motions, such as triceps extensions (as shown by littlebeastM on youtube - called Easy But Very Effective Tricep Routine (Megasuperset!!), diamond press ups, pseudo-planche press ups, pike press ups or using those press up handles that allow your hands to turn? There are examples of all these movements on youtube. If any are too hard but the movement doesn't seem to cause you problems, you could do partial reps to start with or raise your hands higher than your feet.

As for littlebeastM's routine, I'm not suggesting you do the volume of work he does. Just try the exercises to see how they affect your arm. You can do them on a chair, window ledge or anything that allows the movement. I do them on a chair.

If you have access to dumbbells you could do bench presses or floor presses.

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