Few questions

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Few questions

#1 Postby creepa200 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:07 pm

Been lurking around here for a year or so and decided to join. While I been able to get most info from basic searches and researching I still have some questions. I currently been cutting at around 1600 calories per day. Problem is hitting the protein requirements daily.

It's like in order to hit close to my goal I have to have 4 servings of protein powder. I been using Jarrow Rice Protein for the past year. I double up the servings every shake actually. So that's 110 calories for 24g of protein. So with the usual 2 per day I get 48g.

Is there any vegan things that are low calorie but high protein? I eat lots of TVP such as lightlife and boca. With only 1600 to play with per day it's hard to get the protein. Some days work out pretty good though. Today was pretty decent and I hit 115g protein. 4 servings protein shake 48g, 1 serving lightlife chick strips 15g, 2 servings lightlife smart ground 22g rest was breads, rice and smaller items with under 5g each.

My stats are 5' 6" - 170lbs and I been cutting since last July or so. Down from 240-250 and feeling way better. I been vegan for 5+ years and it was all them accidentally vegan things that bit me in the ass. Quit soda, chips and candy and lost so much weight.

I guess I should be getting around 140g or so of protein per day. Only way for me to do that would be to go over my calories which kills my cut.

Also looking for other low cal snack recommendations. Might help with keeping my cals low enough to sneak another shake in.

Thanks for taking the time to read to this point and any information is appreciated.

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Re: Few questions

#2 Postby Synny667 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:13 pm

I love tempeh. 1 serving has 160 calories very low sodium and 16g protein. Eating a whole one a day is 48g protein on top of the Jarrows. Load up on veggies cause they are lower in calories. I like to mix the tempeh in a stir fry
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