Want some advice before I go the Gym

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captin jack
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Want some advice before I go the Gym

#1 Postby captin jack » Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:50 pm

Newbie is here I've just jumped in ;)

I want to join the gym :-D but few questions in my mind still holding me up and I would appreciate any help to clear them

First of all my height is:
185CM & my weight is :65 Kg (these are as far as I'm concern as I checked last time but would be much different if there's,maybe 60 kg for the weight)

I had a hip fracture back in 2007 and a joint dislocation in my left shoulder.Now I'm fine but my leg "hip" doesn't move free
because it's not in it's original position I mean it doesn't move smoothly and up to it's highest angle "Am I clear!!"

So I read that in the gym you can either :

1- Bulk with fat
2-Bulk pure muscles not fatty
3-Cutting up or shred (if they both similar)

I'm interested in having big muscles with low fat like those self-deffence game players but I don't know what style should I follow
Should I for the second option if that's possible for my case or I have to follow the first then start cutting down ??

What's the best way to follow

And for the mentioned injuries will they effect my muscles shaping process due to their weakness..

I hope to hear from you and get some guides
and excuses me for any points that's not clear I'm not native English dude

Thanks a bunch

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Re: Want some advice before I go the Gym

#2 Postby C.O. » Sat Oct 19, 2013 5:16 pm

Hi and welcome to the community here. You will have much better luck getting your questions answered if you direct them to specific people. Search around this site, do a little research and post questions on threads that others have started.

That's best advice to start with.


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