New squat PR!

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Re: New squat PR!

#16 Postby stcalico » Mon May 07, 2012 7:03 pm

veggiesasquatch wrote:I use to do this. Always comparing & after a while I came to the conclusion that if I was noticing other peoples weights then I wasn't focused enough.

Just over a year ago I could hardly bench 110lb for a set of  ten. Jan this year I programmed my strength program off a 1 rep max of  242lb, I actually went lighter with 220lb in the hope of keepin progression going. Point being I stopped worry what other people were doing & got my head down to train. Though it's been a while since I did a Max I'm willing to bet the people who were lifting heavier than me haven't made as much progress...

Keep at it :)

Thanks. I actually don't normally pay too much attention.. maybe just a little on my breaks. I don't expect to lift anywhere near as much as most men do ... but you gotta wonder when your legs are weaker than someone's arms don't ya. lol. Tho, now that I think about it, doing a squat, I'm also lifting my own weight - not just the bar.

Curious.. do you have a spotter when you try 1 rep max? I don't work out with anyone so I'm always scared I will hurt myself going too heavy or taking it one rep too far. I think that might hold my progress back some. That last rep I usually end up going... nah let's not risk it.
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