found this on a side bar of a youtube clip

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found this on a side bar of a youtube clip

#1 Postby pazios2002 » Fri Aug 08, 2008 6:37 pm

Added: February 22, 2008 (Less info)
Fedor won't fight against Andrei Arlovski in October at Affliction 2 due to the injury in his hand.

July 31, 2008 INTERVIEW to Vadim Finkelstein(M-1 President): "If UFC negotiate with us, the fight between Fedor and Randy can take place this year".

So when will he (Aleksander) continue fighting?

-We do have some variants right now. Maybe he will take place in superfight at the next M-1 Challenge tournament in Korea or at one of the nearest Dream tournaments.

What can you say about the fight of Fedor Emelianenko?

-The fight was amazing, the speed, hit-and-run attack and the final. Fedor has exceeded all my expectations. I thought that this fight would continue about 3 or 5 minutes, that contestants will box and wrestle, Fedor would look for the possibility to move Tim to parterre and Tim gonna prevent this, but the reality came over all the expectations -- Fedor had moved twice faster then Tim and wiped him off like a storm.

What importance does this victory have?

-This fight was very important for a few reasons. Finally American audience had a good look at Fedor, because before that a lot of people haven't seen him and it made a lot of arguing about who is the best fighter in the world.
Fedor has finished this arguing. Dana White told a lot of ridiculous and offensive things about Fedor -- and they occurred to be meaningless -- his four-times UFC champion has been destroyed by Fedor for 36 seconds. Now nobody can tell that Fedor fights with weak contestants to whom were reconed a lot of very famous and strong fighters. We are trying to find the strongest cotestants for him because of Fedor's level, for example our project "Fighting Fedor" should prove that a right to fight with Fedor should be deserved.

We have an information that the next Fedor's fight gonna be with Andrey Arlovski, is it true?

-I think, that Arlovski is one of the most possible fighters along with Josh Barnett and Randy Couture.

By the way, Couture said that he is ready to fight with Fedor.

-I can tell you that if UFC will negotiate with us then this fight can happen this year maybe within the bounds of our joint tournament with UFC. We are ready to negotiate, the fighters are ready, everything is ready, the only deal is with UFC policy headed on their separation and singularity.

Dana White has told that Affliction will come out of MMA business and all the fighters will come back to him. What can you tell about it?

-Dana White is mistakenand he shouldn't compare Affliction with IFL. Affliction и M-1 Global is maybe the most successful concern in MMA that could be imagined. Earlier I have told that Affliction invests much money in advertising and branding and we have a great experience in tournament organization and sportive potential of our athletes. That's why this concern can have much more success than UFC which is the very first organization that was developing and populating MMA successfully for many years.
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