neck pain

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neck pain

#1 Postby shoeman8000 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:46 am

i know this is a bodybuilding website, but i was hoping to get as much input on this topic as possibly, so please bear with me on this one :D

So i became vegan on july of 2008 and up until recently, i haven't had any problems with sickness, not feeling good, or lag for that matter. But in december i noticed that i woke up and just didn't feel well. My neck muscles were VERY sore and tender, my throat hurts badly and i had a hard time swallowing, and i've just felt tired and sore. I have, what i believe to be, a very well balanced diet for a vegan. i eat my fruits, vegetables, grains, and drink lots of water as well as exercise daily. Is there something that i'm doing wrong? Am i eating too much of something? Or not eating enough of certain things? It's happened twice now and it doesn't make much sense because i rarely got sick when i was an omni (mayyyybe once a year). Has anyone else experienced this? should i be getting more b12? even though i do take a multi vitamin. If there are any suggestion or tips you can throw my way it would be GREATLY appreciate, because this hurts! thanks :D

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Re: neck pain

#2 Postby Nathan Nearing » Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:08 pm

Can you post what you eat in a day? Have you done anything lately that's strenuous on the neck?

It doesn't sound like something related to your diet as more of just catching a cold.

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Re: neck pain

#3 Postby shoeman8000 » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:28 pm

A day usually looks like this:

Wake Up after about 6-8 hours of sleep,

two pieces of whole wheat toast with tomato
Soy yogurt
glass of water
glass of orange juice

Go to classes (i'm in college)

Come back from classes and eat lunch:
whole wheat noodles with soy ground beef with marinara sauce that has broccoli and green peppers

I'll have a big cup of green tea

Go work out (cardio for 45 minutes, weightlifting for about a half hour, another 30 minutes of cardio)

Get home from workout, eat about a cup or so of soy nuts with a full glass of chocolate soy milk.

Then dinner:
Bowl of spinach leafs
Then adjust my meal according to what i ate that day (if i haven't eaten enough vegetables, i'll have a meal of just vegetables, or the same with if i hadn't had enough grains).

That's about it, but the thing that confuses me is that i went home for winter break a couple weeks ago, and that was the first time i had this pain. I typically go vegetarian when i go home instead of vegan, because i still live with my parents there, so i just eat what they buy, but it's not like i go crazy and overindulge on bad foods. Then i came back, started to eat about what i wrote above, and got sick about a week or so later.

And no, there's nothing that i did to my neck, i've even tried using more and less pillows thinking that the soreness came from my sleeping posture.

Hope this helps, and i apologize that this is so long. Thanks for your help!!!!!!

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