Anyone watching alpine skiing, Kitzbuehel downhill ?

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Anyone watching alpine skiing, Kitzbuehel downhill ?

#1 Postby I'm Your Man » Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:26 pm

I was watching this on tv this afternoon. The Streif course in Austria is knowned as one of the most dangerous. Watching those athlete risking their lives at incredible speeds is impressive, fucking insane ! - they descend at over 90 km/h in sharp turns and up to 140 km/h near the end of the race with a big jump that already caused 2 serious accidents, one guy is still in coma.

There's also today in Quebec city some extreme skating, Red Bull Crashed Ice
"A combination of hockey, downhill skiing and boardercross" with the addition of a women's division for this year's edition.
Over 100 extreme skakers, should be over 100 000 people coming to the event.

"Crashed Ice is an annual skating race through Quebec City's old city centre that involves heavily padded contestants barrelling down a steep 550-metre ice track at breakneck speeds."

I share their passion to practice a sport when it comes to give all you got to achieve the best performance you can, but I admire those who are so passionate about their sport they even do such dangerous and crazy stuff like those I mentioned above.
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