Nutrition/Diet Plan + tips/tricks for Vegan Fighter

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Nutrition/Diet Plan + tips/tricks for Vegan Fighter

#1 Postby samsam » Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:28 pm

Hey, I'm new here!

After some cheeky help on diet plan..

Started Muay Thai (kickboxing) in April & have been going 5-6 times a week, with added running (3-7km) occasionally to help increase cardio.
I'm about 6"2, my weight is fluctuating between 76 - 80kgs at the moment..

My training looks like this at the moment;

m morning 60min (incl. 6km run (which takes about 25 minutes) then bag work). night 60min (partnered pad drills)
t night training for 60 min - cadio & sparring
w night training 60 min light cadio / partner pad work & bag work
t night training 60 min cardio / partner pad work & bag work + some endurance
f day off (occasionally run in the morning followed by basic core reps elevated push ups etc etc)
s afternoon training 2 & a half hours (mostly partnered pad & bag work)
s day off

I try to run at least 3kms every second morning - but have been slack lately to find the time..

I'm pretty lazy with my diet, & need help trying to work out a good diet plan..
I try to eat 5 - 6 smaller meals a day, but this sometimes results in 4 small meals a day followed by a mammoth dinner loaded with carbs/protein.

I'm trying to cut out carbs after 7pm, snack on as much nuts/seeds as possible.

I try to take as much vitamin c, antioxidants & leafy greens as possible. Spinach & oranges are almost the staple of my diet at the moment.

I'm not that worried about protein, I generally take a protein shake (usually rice protein) after every training & most mornings, I'll throw some flaxseed in there as well as a banana & maybe some peanut butter.

If anything I'm trying to get as much definition & tone going on, so want to cut out any unnecessary weight gain. I am concentrating a lot on sit ups/crunches & other abdominal works out till build up and define my gut! (so I don't feel kicks/punches/knees).

Sorry to ramble, but yeah any hints/tips or anything would be awesome, ideas for diet plans & tricks for toning up faster would be choice. Also any theories on carbs/proteins are interesting.

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