tuf 10 episode 1

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tuf 10 episode 1

#1 Postby ivanv06 » Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:38 pm

I just caught this show on the internet through ovguide.com . Dissapointing fight , wrestler ground and pounds inexperienced bjj guy . I do not think anyone would like the fact that he went to shake hands second round , and then shot for a double-leg .The tall bjj guy needed to throw some elbows from guard . I think he might have had a better chance at a reversal from a body-triangle , being he was so tall and big . No sprawl , take-down defense , ground defense for the loss .I think Wes Sims "The project" replaces the guy who gets beat . I want to see Wes Sims vs Kimbo Slice . :zunge:

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