Capoeira, anyone?

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Re: Capoeira, anyone?

#16 Postby Eksster » Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:25 pm

I practice the dynamic moves in capoeira without the fighting aspect ie break dancing. All the same stuff that guy was using in the match especially what he did in the ring after he one.. sort of a celebratory show off dance. lol. Video was awesome btw! One of my things is that in working out my core snap rotating abilities and shoulder strength, I'll be more able to do power moves with grace. Still haven't found a good place to practice in the 3 years I've been in Portland btw. Any takers? I just need a wrestling matt specifically. None at 24 hr fitness's, nor PSU (unless you join tai kwon do club).

@Julia, that's cool that you're getting into it.

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Re: Capoeira, anyone?

#17 Postby julia » Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:31 pm

My trainers are really great and do an awesome job. They never complain about showing me moves several times until I've understood it, and always try to make me get better and better. Once a year the newbies will get their appelidos (nicknames) and first chorda. Usually you start in November, and that event will take place in November of next year. I've joined in May, but the trainers said that I'm doing great and will be able to get my chorda and appelido in November of this year :D

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