Muay Thai (anyone who has any relevant info or does it)

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Muay Thai (anyone who has any relevant info or does it)

#1 Postby xVeganDestroyerx » Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:44 pm

I live in the Austin, TX area and i've just started a weekly exercise program. I have utilized a lot of different excercises to get my body fit including yoga which I have found really opens my muscles up and makes them easier to use to their full-extent. My point in mentioning this is that eventually I would like to be in top physical shape so that I can learn Muay Thai. I know that it is very physically demanding in all the muscle areas, and I wanted to know a few things from anyone that had any helpful info:

1. Are there excercises that will be more applicable to this goal, or excercises I can slowly integrate into my routine that will help me to be more capable of doing this down the road?

2. Does anyone know of any places in Austin that teach this?

3. If there are any of you who practice Muay Thai, are there any specific challenges you encountered while learning, or do you have any wisdom to impart on me?
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Re: Muay Thai (anyone who has any relevant info or does it)

#2 Postby MillionDollarVeggie » Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:35 am

1. Explosive/plyometric movements such as burpees, box jumps, clapping pushups, knee to chest jumps. It's not adviseable to try and do muay thai movements before learning them in the class because once you have a bad form, it's hard to fix.

2. I found this: they give different martial arts options as well.

3. Be patient, you're going to do something wrong, you're going to get hit, you're going to fall down. It's all a part of learning. Keep your hands up, your mouthpiece in and your jockstrap on.

Best of luck, MT is really awesome. Hope this was of some help!
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