Thai Boxing - Getting fit!

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Thai Boxing - Getting fit!

#1 Postby SaneDisquisition » Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:46 pm


Firstly, I do apologize if this is in the wrong section, or anything along those lines. I'm new here (kinda' obvious I suppose), so keep that in mind.

Anyways, I've recently started up Thai Boxing, which I do Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. It's very enjoyable, and aside from becoming just fit in general, I would very much so like to perform optimally in the sport. On the downside, I'm not the fittest individual in the world. I have the general endurance to keep up with everyone else in the class (no doubt do to my vegan diet), but aside from that.....I'm ehh. I've acquired a sizable portion of body fat in my earlier years, some of which has shed off in the past year, and it doesn't hinder me too much anymore, but it's still quite a bit of gelatinous matter that I'd rather see disappear.

I do attend high-school, and consequently, the 6-meals-a-day thing is unattainable at the moment. On the bright side, I have about 30-40 minutes every day (save Friday, and the weekend) to workout in my high-school gym, which has a fair bit of equipment which names I am unfamiliar with. It does seem like your basic "gym" material though, and I can't picture a single machine that it's lacking. Though I do apologize for my lack of knowledge on this stuff.

So, to get specific with my goals, I would really like to become, well, fit. The kind of fit where I can run a few miles for a measly warmup, and kick, punch, knee, and elbow with some serious power and flexibility. Given my admittedly small amount of time I have in my School Gym (which I feel I should reiterate/clarify, is actually quite nice), how should I best spend my time working out? Also, what kind of things can I do at home (where instruments of fitness are virtually non-existent) after/before school and during the weekends to build muscle/get flexible. And lastly, diet.

If you can spare the time and energy to give a detailed response, that would be fantastic! If not, any amount info would be much appreciated, as would various online resources (I've already read through, articles, et cetera.

Like I said, I do apologize if this is infracting on any forum rules that I may have missed, so please forgive my inexperience with this message board, as well as with fitness and working out in general, as it's all fairly new to me.

Thanks for the replies,
- Sane

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