Martial artist from the uk, new here!

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Re: Martial artist from the uk, new here!

#16 Postby CaseyJames » Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:28 am

Wow, I've just signed up here and I'm the same....

Did Judo as a young teen for 2 years (stopped due to rugby)
Been training Jiujitsu and just starting Muay Thai next week!
Also learning basic Capoeira for fun in my spare time

Looking to better myself physically, mentally and spiritually
Vegeterian since birth
Vegan since Jan 2014

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Re: Martial artist from the uk, new here!

#17 Postby urbanescrima » Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:11 am

Im the same, new to this forum. Ive been vegan and training martial arts for years. Mainly Escrima, grappling / MMA.

If anyone is ever in London, come down to train at my club, would love to train with as many vegans as possible.
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Re: Martial artist from the uk, new here!

#18 Postby Miloko » Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:19 am


I've been training in Shotokan karate for five years. I've been vegetarian for all my adult life, but vegan for three years. Changing from vegetarian to vegan didn't effect my martial arts stamina or ability at all. Over the past year I've focussed on building muscle and that really has made a difference to my karate. My stamina is improving and my stances are cleaner and more stable all across the board. I also hit harder, of course! Focussing on total body muscle gain has also rid me of a few soreness/pain issues in my joints and lower back. The muscle gain has really stabilised my joints, so I'm hoping that will protect them from the typical martial arts wear and tear we all see down the years from bad form and too much repetition.

When it comes to food, I eat the same diet on karate days as other days, but I'm ravenous after training, so I usually try to plan a healthy snack for when I get home, otherwise I'm just tempted to grab convenience food.

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