Upper Body Rotation - muscles, antagonists, other factors?

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Upper Body Rotation - muscles, antagonists, other factors?

#1 Postby cyanocobalamin » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:48 am

Hey folks,

while I'm trying to learn dancing tango argentino (but: my question wont be about dancing, this is just for background) i came to some (as it seems to me) physical limits in flexibility of my upper body. In tango, one must be able to rotate the upper body horizontally. I've got some problems with this exercise, predominently while doing it quick and short or accurately.

Now comes to my question: What muscles, what antagonists and what other factors determine upper body rotation? Is there something else then lateral abdominal muscles? Some minor muscles? anything? And: How can i train a) a more smoothy and accurate and b) a more quick and strong (but still accurate, therefore, without disarrange e.g. shoulders or alike) upper body rotation?

Hopefully it's understandable - writing some english text merely once a month is always an adventure ;)


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Re: Upper Body Rotation - muscles, antagonists, other factor

#2 Postby C.O. » Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:23 pm

There are a couple of other muscles besides the obliques that have the ability to rotate the spine such as the multifidi and the erector spinae group. However it is very likely that the reason for your issues are coming from other areas of the body rather than the rotation of the spine itself.
Part of the problems could come from lack of mobility/flexibility of the neck and the shoulder blades, that may be limiting your ability to rotate your upper body within the constraints of a locked position, such as the position you are in while dancing Tango.
Another thing to think about when concerned with quickness and accuracy (which come from muscle strength) is your foundation. Strengthening your legs and hips provide the sturdy base of which your upper body uses to push off of. The stronger and more stable your lower body is the more power, speed, agility, etc you can create in your upper body.

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