The Benefits of Pilates

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The Benefits of Pilates

#1 Postby andesuma » Mon Jun 19, 2006 7:27 pm

The benefits of Pilates as I have experienced them

-- increased flexibility
-- body conditioning
-- dramatically increased strength; because of the equipment that is used
in intermediate & advanced Pilates, I have had noticeable strength gains;
in a considerably short amount of time.
-- increased balance. (growing up a dancer, my balance
has always been very good, Pilates has redefined it.)
-- lengthening and strengthening of all muscles, primarily legs.
-- deep breathing.
The lateral costal breathing that is practiced in Pilates, to me, feels
much deeper than Yoga (belly)breathing. It is more profound in the sense
it allows my body to be stronger and flow thru motion with ease.

-- intensified awareness of self.
-- being able to voluntarily turn on and off muscles.
(ie. using the hip flexors when they are meant to be used, and
being able to shut them off when they are not needed.)
-- abdominal strength and awareness.(from transverse to obliques)
-- feeling of rejuvenation afterwards.
-- above all, one of the reasons I started practicing Pilates, is
<b>physical therapy</b> , preventing an injury before it occurs!
Pilates is ideal for this (especially for dancers and endurance athletes).
This also makes Pilates one of the safest exercises you can do.

-- spinal reshaping, creating movement throughout the spine.
(ie. correcting extreme lordosis, etc.)

-- perfect posture.
I started doing Pilates with a neutral pelvis, and anterior tilt(typical
dancer body), I have been able to correct this almost completely, although
I will always have a slight anterior tilt because of dance.

-- Pilates has completely changed how I feel in my body.
-- created a deeper sense of feeling alive.

& That is all that I can think of at the moment..

Has anyone else had any of these positive changes happen because
of Pilates, or Yoga, or meditative practice?
Please share them!

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yogita chiquita
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#2 Postby yogita chiquita » Sat Jun 24, 2006 4:56 pm

Hey there!

I love pilates! I've been going roughly 2-3 times a week since about March, and I've noticed dramatic improvements - especially in my yoga practice. I first started to notice the strength and endurance benefits, both in my yoga practice and in my day to day activities, but it wasn't long before I started to notice changes in my physical appearance as well.

In the past, pilates has frustrated me. I used to always feel uncoordinated while trying to do the exercises. I had a DVD that I would do just on occassion, so I never got to see results - I'd feel the burning in my muscles the next day and that was about it. Since attending a class though, I've been so motivated by my instructors and the other people around me that I actually enjoy it quite a bit. And it's such a versitile form of exercise that can be practiced in so many ways, I've never been bored with it. Usually, quite the opposite - I'm usually excited to go and experience all the changes in my body's strength and try new ways to challenge myself.

I can't say enough about it. I can do not only headstands in yoga now, but I can do headstand splits. I directly attribute that to my increased core strength!

Right on girl! :hello1:

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