Cut muscle

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Cut muscle

#1 Postby Cappy » Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:40 pm

Hi all,

Last Friday, I encountered two stray dogs fighting and they ended up nearly on top of some children. I pulled the dogs away from the kids, but managed to get bit in the bicep really bad. They actually had to stitched the muscle together. I was told it was 80% torn.

I am actually surprised at how little pain there has been. My arm is tender, and I could not lift more than maybe a pound the day after it happened, but I can lift about 5 pounds now. I was told to rest it and take predisone. I did some research on this and found predisone is not good at all, and exercising will increase rate of healing. I have been stretching and working the muscle since the day it happened, plus heat and ice, and I am surprised at how quickly my strength is returning.

I am curious if anyone else has had a similar type of injury and what they found to be the best for healing. I am certainly not convinced rest and drugs is the best course.

Here is a study that suggests you never want to use corticosteroids for muscle injuries.

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Re: Cut muscle

#2 Postby C.O. » Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:12 pm

Be careful not to over exhort yourself. Hope you're back to regular training quickly.

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