Charles Atlas "Dynamic-Tension"

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Charles Atlas "Dynamic-Tension"

#1 Postby henry thinman » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:58 pm

I'm 65 now but as a young teenager was yer actual 97lb weakling, back then saw an ad in the tabloid paper for a free booklet on The Charles Atlas "Dynamic-Tension" Bodybuilding and Fitness Course, so sent for it. The booklet was a real convince and sent for the full system, but didn't have the discipline and forgot about it.

A&E did a documentary on Charles Atlas which got me interested in Dynamic Tension again. I didn't really stick with it hard-core since I did lift weights a little but recently got into Hot Yoga and think the Charles Atlas system would go better than weights.

It's basically a body weight system, the difference is self resistance exercise, instead of a dumbbell you use the resistance of the free hand.
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