My Progress Pics. No Results!

Post your before and after photos here. Share success stories and show your progress. This is also the section to post up your videos.

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Re: My Progress Pics. No Results!

#31 Postby funkybioped » Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:42 pm

I had some great losses bf wise last year following the advice of people on the forum. I found my basal metabolic rate and tried to honestly calculate my daily calorie needs. Went out of my way to reduce the amount of processed foods from my diet. I am a vegetarian too but I really gave it a good go to reduce the amount of animal products in my diet to 0. (I didn't succeed but I am pretty low and it still is a goal of mine.) I set 2 month goals with workout programs and then changed the goals up. And the big thing that I think helped was trying to everyday get my heart rate up for least 20 min. No matter what. Every day I tried. I didn't always succeed but I tried. Ride my bike to work hard on my off days, go over to the track to take a jog around the track on my off days, what ever. If I wasn't doing a resistance training day I would try to get something in for at least 20 min. I didn't get the kind of muscle mass gains I was hoping for but I certianly shed a nice amount of bf. Just my 2 cents. Whatever you do don't give up. When you come to a forum with passionate people you get passionate answers.
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