How Is My Deadlifting Form? - Videos

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Am I going to wreck my back?

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Re: How Is My Deadlifting Form? - Videos

#16 Postby James298 » Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:28 pm

Watched the vids and took his advice... when I checked the videos it looked way off though. It's the latest 5 vids on my channel. I think my hips are too high now. My knees aren't getting in the way, but everything feels super tight, and my lower back is bending even more. Gonna shoot for the middle-ground next time.

Completely unrelated question; I decided to get serious about core workouts, and a problem I've always had with working out my core is that my back gets sore way before I even feel my abs. My lower back can be dying, but I won't even feel any burn in my abs. Any ideas?

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Re: How Is My Deadlifting Form? - Videos

#17 Postby Eiji » Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:13 am

Since you are a beginner I would suggest focusing on the compound main lifts. Hell, I think even advanced athletes should focus on them too but more so as a beginner.

Check out starting strength. It is a solid beginner program that you could easily, err with hard work, will put 20lbs on you in 6 weeks. If you eat enough.
Make no excuses to skip a training session. Feel stressed, sad, sick or tired? Go train. Your friends, your heart, mind and body will lie to you. Telling you that you need that recovery day. Go ahead, stay home. I'll be training that day and getting better no matter what.

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