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#1 Postby offense74 » Wed Dec 07, 2005 6:14 am

I read an article about leptin (in swedish, sorry :? ). It's basically a shorter version of a 6 part article serie found here:
You can find the previous parts on the right side of that page.

Basically leptin seems to be very important when you try to lose weight. Leptin is stored (as I understand it) mostly in the fat cells which meens that obese people have alot of it and as you lose weight it declines. It also declines when you are on a calorie deficient diet.

According to the author you can get your leptin levels up by having a thought through "binge day". This day you should eat the same amount of fat and protein as you regurlary do but you should binge on high GI carbs. Low GI carbs should be kept down a bit this day.

I've lost 45kg but I'm now stuck in a bit of a rut so I'm going to try this out, mostly for fun :) .

So here's my plan:
I avoid dairy, gluten and gelatin so basically all candy and cookies goes out the window. Nuts is too much fat (for this particular day) so sweetened nuts goes too. Most dried fruits have sugar (too much fructose) added to them so some of those is not good. So, I'm thinking:
Boiled rice with cooked roots (like beets, carrots, etc), popcorn, dried figs and dates without sugar (stupid morons adding sugar to these already sweet things :evil: ). Suggestions are welcome :D .

Oh, and also the author says that if you feel "bloaty" after this day you have done something wrong (too much fructose, fat, etc). If you feel "refilled" you have done it right.

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