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#16 Postby chesty leroux » Sun Dec 11, 2005 2:26 pm

dandylioness wrote:yeah that place closed. very sad. as soon as I went veg I was like "lets go there". then i realized it had closed. aaah. but theres a new little place called P.E. Bean which has an amazing vegetarian sandwitch that I get without cheese everytime I get a paycheck. great coffee, too (SOY LATTE'S!) plus we're getting a panera! probably wont be open till i graduate though....

Aww that sucks. Is it hard to be vegan all the way out there in farmville? I wasn't really eating when I visited my friend, I'm weird like that sometimes depending on my emotional state. We went to a store and I got some tostitos and a can of baby corn...and a bottle of tequila but thats entirely besides the point. :wink:

Yay for amazing vegan sandwiches.
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#17 Postby dandylioness » Sun Dec 11, 2005 4:25 pm

hahaha yeah sometimes- like now. im out of money, and the d-hall SUCKS on the weekends. all it has for dinner is pizza, burgers and fries, a pasta bar (wattery and nasty), the salad bar (leftover brown veggies- NASTY!) and cereal. like yesterday i ate fries and old carrots. it was gross. when i have money i usually eat chinese, taco bell, or subway. i REALLY wish we had a health food store here- but no. Me and my friends love to cook on weekends too (again- need money though). we love to make spachetti with garlic and fresh bell peppers and onions! my friend danny loves to make bread in his bread machine- and now makes all his bread vegan for me- he says he likes it better that way, too! or we'll cook portabella burgers- can you tell i am hungry? i just cant wait to go home after exams and eat real delicious vegan food.............

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