Reservatrol: new supplement

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Reservatrol: new supplement

#1 Postby Gaia » Sat Jun 21, 2008 7:13 pm

I have been taking a new supplement called Reservatrol. Has anybody else tried this before?

Mine is mixed with green tea extract, so I get a little jolt of energy that wears off by the late afternoon. Some days I will take another one (as they suggest 2 per day) to keep me going till 10 pm. The days I don't, I am not so tired that I want to fall asleep after the afternoon passes, but the slight lift is gone.

The taste going down is very astringent, almost like pine sap (if you ever played with pine sap as a kid and the smell of it is like the taste I experience). Anyways, I don't think a spoonful of sugar will help it go down :wink: .

Reservatrol is the chemicals that is in red grape skins that is one of the highest antioxidants available. In addition to the green tea extract, I also have grapeseed extract (which I have taken in the past) in the capsule.

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Re: Reservatrol: new supplement

#2 Postby inteja » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:48 am

Yes, I've heard of resveratrol. There has been periodic media hype each time a new study is released that confirms its claimed life-extension benefits. Most recently I heard that one group has confirmed (in mice) that you don't need anywhere near as much as previously thought in order to gain a benefit. Aparrently previous studies were dosing mice with the human equivalent of resveratrol that would be contained in 100s of bottles of red wine per day. I'm not sure what to believe on this yet, but it does sound promising.

Another beneficial combo that was recently reported here in Australia was B12 + folate for reducing/slowing down the DNA damage that occurs in the normal ageing process.

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