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Re: Bulking and Cutting

#61 Postby jim222 » Tue May 31, 2016 3:03 am

bluebabe wrote:I've found that eating smaller frequent meals (on average every 2 hours) has helped me shed fat much more than intermittent fasting. IF can be very stressful on the body. Even if I'm having a considerable calorie deficit and working out 5x a week (3x lifting, 2x spinning on alternate days) I have not felt lack of energy.
It's important to notice the quality of the food though. I'm focusing on alkalising foods like lots of greens (trust me, LOTS of greens) and quinoa.
For anyone interested in improving their diet i recommend Brendan Brazier guidelines (check his book The thrive diet, it has helped me a lot)
I always make a small meal before exercising, even if it's cardio day. I find that if I keep a regular schedule of meals, I'm able to maintain a bigger caloric deficit without losing energy, in the end, the deficit will take the fat away, no need to be worried about keeping an empty stomach to lose fat.

hi, i heard somewhere about this method. tell me please how many portions do you have per day?

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